Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ice-Fishing Fun

The third annual ice-fishing trip for Mike, Alexander and Nikolai seen their party expand by five as Kevin, Aaron, Lina, Marcus and Evelyn joined in for some February fun.  The setting seen 5-6" of good solid ice on this Pennsylvania waterway and blue skies.  The day did have a strong wind topping out at about 15 MPH and air temperatures reaching near 30 degrees.  The group used tip-ups and jigging in their approach on this brisk day.  The action was moderate as the flags and jigging bites were sporadic for the group.  They caught a few pickerel, some perch, a sunfish, and a big bullhead even took their offering.  They group was treated to venison vegetable soup and venison hot dogs to fuel their bodies on this winter day.  They were also treated to seeing bald eagles soaring in the winter winds as they patrolled the area in search for their quarry.  An overall great group trip out on the frozen water of Pennsylvania and we look forward to seeing them back next year for their annual ice-fishing trek.