Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Panfish A Plenty

Chef Dave was back out again for another day on the water.  He brought along his wife Chrissy for a panfish excursion in May.  It was a chilly day as a blue bird sky crisp day greeted them for the outing.  The couple used light line and Keitech would be on the menu for the fish and Chef Dave had quite a menu for all aboard the boat.  The serene day seen close to non-stop action for Dave and Chrissy.  The crappie and perch were voracious as the rods were bent quite often on the day.  Also caught in the mix were a few small pickerel and a largemouth bass.  Chef Dave made Grilled Chicken sandwiches on Brioche Bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon and smoked cheddar cheese.  For the sides he had Sweet Thai Chili Aioli Shrimp and pineapple coleslaw.  It was quite a feast indeed!  What a serene day for this Pennsylvania couple and what a day for magnificent panfish action.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mother's Day Excursion 2022 Version

Rob's annual Mother's Day outing continued in 2022.  This time around he brought his friend Brian for the early May adventure.  It was a crisp morning with blue skies for the entire trip with just a few white clouds making an appearance overhead.  The men approached legendary Lake Wallenpaupack by using Keitech Baits and finesse tactics.  The action would be moderate as the duo had a decent amount of strikes.  In their catch would be smallmouth bass and pickerel with several decent ones included.  There were plenty of conversations about hunting which they also like to do and some hearty snacking to keep up their energy during the day.  The wildlife was in abundance as spring was in the air also.  It was another fun Mother's Day out for Rob and Brian and we look forward to their annual trek next year.

Friday, May 20, 2022

No Clouds, No Problem!

Early May seen Ryan and Jim take their now annual two-day trek in search of tiger muskies and big bass.  The weather they would encounter for both days was extremely similar in that there was total bluebird skies without a single cloud in sight for two days.  Many times when it is bright blue skies such as this with very little humidity in the air, the fishing can be extremely challenging and even paltry, but Jim and Ryan defied these myths on this outing.  Day one seen mostly an east wind that blew fairly strong at times while day two there were light to moderate east winds. Water temperature was 51 to 56° for the two days.  On day one the anglers used a combo of hard baits and plastics to catch 40 fish including a tiger musky that weighed 5.31# and a largemouth bass that was 4.89#.  The remainder of their catch were other largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, perch and rockbass.  They had some sandwiches, great conversations, and seen many birds on this day. Day two was another chilly morning as set out.  The anglers figured the puzzle out once again on this day as they caught 45 fish total including rockbass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and perch. The biggest largemouth was 4.18# and biggest smallmouth was 4.18#.  Aside from the one musky they caught on day one, they had a few more follow ins, but no more were hooked.  The two friends once again enjoyed many great stories and some Subway Hoagies out on the lake on day two.  All around another great trip with many quality fish and many memories for Jim and Ryan!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Cinco De Mayo 2022

Dennis was back at it once again in 2022 on Lake Wallenpaupack.  This time around he brought guest Coach Mike Twig which he has in the past out for a Cinco De Mayo outing.  The two friends started out on the scenic lake on a chilly morning.  Dennis would strictly work at the fish with Keitech Baits while Mike would learn a new technique with the jerkbait.  The both men stuck with these patterns right until the end of their day on the water.  During their time out they had plenty of great conversations about hunting, cooking, and a variety of sports.  They had an outstanding shore lunch consisting of venison kielbasa, hot dogs and horseradish as the main portion of their meal.  The duo had a moderate amount of bites on the day and caught a big pickerel, several smallmouth bass and a perch or two mixed in during the outing.  All in all a great day out on Lake Wallenpaupack for two long time friends.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Hardbait Hysteria

Roberto who is a springtime regular with Legends Outdoors was back at it again in 2022.  This time around he brought his friend Brogan along who was looking to get some reps in as his busy schedule makes it difficult for him to get out as much as he would like.  The day was foggy and calm with a threat for rain the entire outing.  Roberto traditionally throws a lot of jerkbaits typically when out with Legends Outdoors and today would be no different as the friends pounded Lake Wallenpaupack with it.  The men sliced and diced the chilly waters as the conversations about techniques kept rolling throughout the day.  The men had a decent amount of opportunities and capitalized on them.  Roberto caught his biggest walleye at Lake Wallenpaupack with a behemoth that weighed in just under eight pounds.  They also caught several smallmouth bass and a couple of pickerel mixed in.  They enjoyed some snacks and the fresh air during this memorable outing and no doubt will see these men back again in the future for another Legends Outdoors adventure.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Change of Venue

Mark and his brother John went for a two-day adventure recently with Legends Outdoors.  They typically do a one day journey at Lake Wallenpaupack, but in 2022 they decided to try a different body of water and hopefully catch a tiger musky during their stay. Day 1 seen water temperature from 50 to 53 degrees with overcast skies all day and very little wind what so ever.   It took almost two hours in the very clear water before they hooked into their first fish which was a largemouth bass and then it was plenty of action from there on out.  The key was they had to slow down and fish soft plastics as the fish were not in a chase mode for this duo.  They caught around 40 fish on the day including several quality smallmouth and largemouth bass along with a couple of rockbass and a few perch.  They never did get a tiger musky to knowingly follow or strike on this day. They enjoyed pizza and sandwiches along with butterscotch krimpets for desert while seeing a plethora of wildlife including a black squirrel and many other birds on the day.   Day number two rolled around and the morning air temps were once again in the low to mid 40’s and the water would be 51-52 all day.  The day was overcast most of the time with some hazy sun poking through once in a great while with some easterly wind that blew quite steadily most of the day.  The day would be quite different as the fish were hitting moving baits much better today and didn’t bite the slow approach nearly as much as day one.  The day seen spurts of activity and slow times, but all in all they put together another solid day with once again no takers from the elusive tiger musky even though they put their time into the pursuit of one.  They caught 36 fish on the day including once again several quality smallmouth with a 4.29# one being the biggest and nice largemouth bass along with a few perch and rockbass in the mix.  The anglers seen a good amount of wild life again on this day including a loon and once again had a hearty lunch and some really great conversations on their outing about hunting and a variety of other topics while experiencing two awesome days of fishing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Reconnaissance Mission 2022

Avid angler and Legends Outdoors regular...Jim recently acquired a property on a lake.  He knew we had some history and familiarity with this body of water, so he wanted us to help him learn and explore his new home water. The early May day seen mostly sunny skies with some clouds that made for a hazy day.  The morning was cold and the winds were light.  Jim travelled about the lake from one end to the other learning the layout of the lake along with several key areas and patterns for this lake.  The lake would be eight degrees warmer at one end of the lake than the other as an example.  Caught on the day would be a few big walleyes that were harvested, a pickerel, perch and a few smallmouth bass.  Many baits were used and techniques to really give a plethora of methods a workout.  Jim had some snacks and great conversations with the guide along with absorbing plenty of information on the day.  We would like to wish Jim all the best with his new home and adventures on this lake, and look forward to seeing him again in the near future.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Finding Time

Local anglers Paul and his son Mike headed out on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack for an early May adventure.  Paul is a very avid angler and does quite a bit of trout fishing and also for several other species.  These outdoorsmen faced the tail end of a brutal cold front that came in several days ago and today would be the first day it would finally start breaking free of that pattern.  The day was sunny with very little wind and the water was in the very high 40's to hitting the low 50's on the trip.  As it has been often lately, bites were hard to come by as the anglers poked and prodded at the lake with a variety of baits.  The hard core anglers stuck with it stop after stop and were game for trying to figure out ways to entice these front effected fish.  They brought along a good lunch of sandwiches and snacks along with plenty of good conversation for the day.  There were plenty of birds and animals that were in attendance at the lake on this day to soak in the strong rays of sunshine on this spring day.  Switching baits often would be the key to this day as it took a myriad of plastics and hard baits to get the bites which totaled about fifteen for them.  Their catch consisted of all smallmouth bass except for two pickerel that joined in.  It was a fun day for the anglers as they enjoyed a rare time out together as busy work schedules make it difficult to get out together.