Saturday, September 23, 2023

Al's August Adventure

Long time veteran angler Al was treated to a brithday gift of a day out with Legends Outdoors by his daughter and son-in-law.  The late August day on Lake Wallenpaupack was hot and humid with a very light wind.  The local anglers were excited to get out on the water and enjoy a day on this scenic waterway.  The trio used live bait in their approach and had good action on the day.  They caught several smallmouth bass, a few perch, and a hybrid striped bass that gave quite a battle indeed before having a photo taken and carefully released back into the depths.  The group enjoyed great conversations about fishing, boating, recipes for a variety of foods and local attractions.  A great time was had by all and we would like to wish all a very happy birthday and many more great days on the water.  

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Robert's Birthday Adventure

Robert along with his sons John and Rob took an August adventure with Legends Outdoors on Lake Wallenpaupack.  This was a birthday present from his sons and it would be one to remember as the three anglers had a great day of fishing.  They had an east wind with moderate temperatures along with a mix of sun and clouds.  They used live bait on this day and connected with three drag screaming striped bass.  All three anglers landed one each after lengthy battles and posed with these beautiful specimens before they were returned to the lake.  These local residents also caught several smallmouth bass and perch in the mix rounding out their catch for the day.  Robert had a great birthday celebration on board the pontoon boat fishing with his sons, talking about music, enjoying the fresh air and just relaxing on this scenic waterway.   

Thursday, September 7, 2023

East Wind Delight

Wild Bill went out on a solo trip in mid-August on legendary Lake Wallenpaupack.  The long-time client had a relaxing day on the pontoon boat fishing live bait for the predators that roam the Wayne County waters.  He had a mix of sun and clouds with comfortable temperatures and an east wind.  Bill had plenty of action including two striped bass that were quite a battle, several smallmouth bass, and a plethora of jumbo perch.  Bill took the perch for a tasty fish fry and all the other fish were released back into the waters.  He also had his traditional Snickers Bar during the trip while enjoying one of his last days of fishing before hunting season comes around.  

Monday, September 4, 2023

Lunker Smallmouth Takes Center Stage

New clients of Ray and his son went out for an August day of fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  The father/son duo used live bait in their approach as they fished about the lake.  They had a comfortable weather day with a mix of sun and clouds and light breeze.  They had a good amount of strikes during the day that resulted in a healthy quantity of smallmouth bass and yellow perch brought on board.  One of the smallmouths that Ray's son battled and landed was an absolute giant as it weighed in at near five pounds!  Lake Wallenpaupack produces many nice smallmouths over three pounds and well into the four pound mark, but it is not too often one sees one that is close to the five pound range out of this lake.  The anglers had a great time overall and are coming back again in the future and we look forward to seeing them for their next outdoor adventure.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Wolverine Strikes Again!

George, who is the face of the "Fishing for a Cause" organization got his group of family, high school friends, and neighbors together for a day out on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  The day was ideal with light winds, a slight drizzle off and on, and cool temperatures as the six anglers adventured around this Wayne County body of water.  They used live bait in their approach and the fish were in the feeding mood as the action was excellent indeed. Freddy who was donned in his Michigan Wolverines garb was up to the task as he caught three striped bass after fierce battles of drag screaming runs.  The group overall caught many nice smallmouth bass along with the four stripers while having an absolute blast together on the pontoon boat.  They also enjoyed tasty hoagies from a local supermarket and cold beverages during the outing.  We would like the thank George and "Fishing for a Cause" for organizing this trip and look forward to seeing them back again in the future for their next Legends Outdoors adventure.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Legends Outdoors Family Fun

Every year Legends Outdoors has a family gathering outing on the pontoon boat for a day of fishing and relaxation on Lake Wallenpaupack.  In 2023 this tradition continued on an August day under an overcast sky.  The family fished with live bait and had a great day by catching three striped bass which posed for pictures before being released back into the water.  They did some swimming, had tasty sandwiches, cold beverages and caught up on many topics and stories from over the past year.  A great time was had by all and the Legends Outdoors family looks forward to their 2024 outing as they continue their tradition.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Alex, Ben, Jay & Mike

Jay along with his father Mike and sons Alex and Ben took a Legends Outdoors pontoon boat trip in August.  The returning clients patrolled Lake Wallenpaupack with excitement as they know the potential this lake holds.  They used mostly live bait with just a little bit of Keitech Baits thrown around here and there for a change of pace.  They had sun, clouds and light wind for the weather on this day.  The anglers had very good action and caught a good quantity and quality of smallmouth bass and perch.  They enjoyed the fresh air, some tasty hoagies, and overall great family fun.  We look forward to seeing Jay and his family back again in the near future for their next outdoor adventure.  

Monday, August 21, 2023

Batting a 1.000

Legends Outdoors regular--Rick was back at it on an August day in pursuit of striped bass on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  Rick is no stranger to this lake or striped bass and thoroughly enjoys fishing for them.  Rick would have a A+ day indeed as he maximized his opportunities to perfection by going 5 for 5 on striper strikes.  He carefully played the fierce fighting fish and worked them to the net.  They were all released alive back into the lake.  Rick had a very sunny day with calm waters for his outing.  He was treated to seeing a family of mergansers early on in the morning and a lot of fresh air on this August day.  We would like to thank Rick for his continued loyalty and look forward to seeing him many more times in the future.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Summer Smorgasbord

Returning client Dennis was back out for another day with Legends Outdoors.  He brought along his son Jeff and friend Vinny for the day out on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Their outing was one that just had the aura of a good fishing day to come as it was overcast and comfortable with a very light wind.  They primarily used live bait in their approach as they promenaded about the scenic waterway.  They would have a banner day as they caught two very nice striped bass after long drag screaming battles, a slammer walleye, many smallmouth bass, and about a dozen perch.  The perch and walleye were harvested for a fish fry while all other fish were returned to the water.  What great action and quality for this trio it was on this August day!  Dennis also brought along a feast for the boat consisting of pizza, hoagies, donuts, snacks and beverages.  The anglers and fish both were eating well today and we look forward to seeing Dennis and his crew back again for their next outdoor adventure.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Summer Sun and Plenty of Fun!

Returning clients of BJ, Alex and Bryce were back out with Legends Outdoors for another adventure.  This time it was a summer trip with blue skies and calm waters.  They used live bait in their approach looking for the giants that roam the waters of Lake Wallenpaupack.  They patrolled the Pennsylvania lake with anticipation while soaking in the sights and sounds of this scenic waterway.  They never did hook into any striped bass or northern pike, but they caught a nice walleye and many smallmouth bass as the action was very good indeed!  The boys mother prepared hoagies for the boat and a good time was had by all on the trip.  We would like to thank BJ for organizing the outing and look forward to seeing the trio back again for their next outdoor adventure.