Friday, April 9, 2021

Smoothie's Traditional Outing

A client for over 20 years, Smoothie has a yearly tradition of going out on a trip on Good Friday with Legends Outdoors.  The year of 2021 the trip would be delayed for a day due to harsh conditions.  Saturday would be not much better, but he braved the elements and gave it a go.  A cold front had moved in on Thursday and this was a continuance of it as wind and cold was on the slate for this day.  It was raw with temperatures in the 30's and possibly reached 40 or so by trip's end.  The bite was a touch one for sure, but Smoothie is very familiar with what we call the "Paupack Twitch" in order to induce strikes from the finicky fish.  Light line and Keitech baits under the blue sky canopy was what the veteran client did to catch a nice mix of about 20 fish including a nice big walleye (that was released), a few smallmouth bass, a pickerel and a some nice perch and crappie.  The perch and crappie were harvested for a nice fish meal in the near future.  There were plenty of good conversations during the day and the guide and Smoothie enjoyed Legends Outdoors famous homemade pizza and meatloaf sandwiches to fuel their bodies on this frigid spring day.  It was good to see Smoothie again and we were glad he was able to keep the tradition going for this time of year and enjoy a day on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Common Threads

Ronnie, who is a long-time Legends Outdoors client called up the Lake Wallenpaupack fishing guide service to schedule another adventure for 2021.  Ronnie is also a guide himself for fly fishing and a former baseball player as is Legends Outdoors proprietor.  Ronnie several years ago hooked into some striped bass and landed a few on his fly rod and was once again trying to emulate that performance and gave it a go.  The plan was to do this and also some panfish fishing.  The striper part of the trip did not result in any takers, but the panfish part yielded quite an array of species and action.  Ronnie welcomed the overcast day with air temperatures in the 40's and barely a breeze during the day as he fished about scenic Lake Wallenpaupack. It seemed like a threat of a shower was to come to fruition any minute all day, but never did.  He brought some homemade sandwiches and shared in many a story about fishing and baseball during the outing.  Ronnie picked and pecked at the chilly waters with light line and Keitech Baits and caught almost two dozen fishing with eight different species in the mix including pickerel, fall fish, smallmouth bass, perch, rockbass, crappie, largemouth bass, and a sucker...yes a sucker even took the offering on this fine spring day.  Ronnie really enjoyed his outing and kept several of the perch and crappie for some Lenten fish fry meals as he really enjoys and savors them greatly.  The other fish were returned to the water and we wish Ronnie a great season with the guide service he works with and hope to see him back again soon to give it another whirl at a striper with his fly rod.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Familiar Faces

Mike, who is a Legends Outdoors faithful got the itch for an early spring trip and invited his brother Mark and friend Wayne who both have also been with Legends Outdoors before for a trip with the Lake Wallenpaupack fishing guide.  They went to his summer home at this scenic lake and ventured out on the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat for their outing.  The weather for this day was foul to be blunt.  The winds would top 20-30 MPH out of the N-NW direction and air temperatures were in the 30's for the day with very little sunshine what-so-ever!  This hard core trio of anglers braved the elements and withstood the challenge as they seined the 40-45 degree water.  Their determination rose above as they persevered by hooking into two striped bass, (one being a hybrid) and landing them both after ferocious battles.  They were both released safely back into the lake. They also caught a pickerel and a bakers dozen of hefty perch that were kept for harvesting.  They seen a myriad of wild life on the day including numerous bald eagles soaring around in the high winds.  Wayne really punctuated the trip by bringing his traditional hoagies that he gets from a special deli somewhere near his residence that energized the group for the day.  Another great day for Mike and his crew and we at Legends Outdoors look forward to seeing Mike again in the near future for another outdoor adventure.  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Family, KJ and his Birthday

What a great way it was to spend a birthday for KJ to be along with his family out on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  The afternoon sojourn was a pristine spring day in the 50's with calm waters and plenty of sunshine.  The family of Kathleen and Keith along with their daughter Kali and son KJ love doing outdoor activities including fishing.  The local residents looked up Lake Wallenpaupack fishing guides of Legends Outdoors and booked a trip for KJ's birthday.  They fished with light line and Keitech Baits as they probed the waters of Lake Wallenpaupack aboard the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  They had some decent action resulting in several perch and crappie including some hefty slabs.  KJ would also land his first career fallfish that took the offering.  The family seen a variety of wildlife including a bald eagle that was basking in the spring sun.  They brought along some snacks and had plenty to chat about on this special day.  The staff at Legends Outdoors would like to wish KJ a very happy birthday and we hope they enjoy all of their upcoming outdoor adventures wherever it may take them.  

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Spring has Sprung

The first full day of spring surfaces many thoughts of wondrous things occurring and on the horizon such as lush green grass, birds building nests, longer daylight, flowers blooming, and fallfish!  Fallfish?  Yes known in the state of Virginia as "Little Tarpon of the Commonwealth", we also have some really good fallfish here in Pennsylvania that do not get that much recognition, but are good battling fish and will hit a myriad of baits.  Chef Dave kicked off our open water adventures for 2021 in pursuit of these "under the radar" beauties.  The morning was very frigid in the 20's reminding us all that winter wasn't far in the rear view mirror.  Ice would form on the guides quite often until the rays of the spring sun warmed the day up drastically from what it was at the start.  The water was crystal clear and frigid making for a very challenging bite.  Dave used light line and Keitech Baits to try and entice strikes.  He took many a cast during the day and was able to hook into several of them as he battled them on his ultralight custom rod.   Amidst the fishing they were treated to sights of dozens and dozens of waterfowl, some deer, and even a bald eagle.  As tradition, chef brought along a tasty dish and for today was a chicken and pimento cheese waffle sandwich drizzled with a hot honey and maple glaze topped with a slice of American cheese.  What a tasty sandwich that was and we thank Dave for his thoughtfulness and appreciate his skills as a chef.  All in all Dave would land six of these beautiful specimens with some breaking the 20" mark.  He is going to make fallfish cakes out of them with his special recipe and they will surely be a delicacy.  What a great day in nature and a great way to kick off our 2021 open water season! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Afternoon Adventure

Lee and his son Christopher set out on the slick ice of Lake Wallenpaupack in early March for an adventure with Legends Outdoors.  This local father/son duo are no stranger to getting out with us as they are annual ice-fishing and open water clients.  This would be a noon to dark outing as the anglers had bright sun, a west wind that topped out at about 10 MPH and temperatures in the 30's.  With cleats on their boots and anticipation mounting they jigged and scanned the tip-ups for flags.  They would have some moderate action jigging and would get about a dozen flags on the day resulting in some nice perch, a few bluegill, a pair of largemouth bass, and two chain pickerel with one that measured in at 25 1/4" with massive girth to boot!  They were treated to Legends Outdoors moose burgers topped with smoked cheddar cheese and special BBQ sauce for their meal.  What a gorgeous afternoon it was on this scenic waterway and we look forward to seeing Lee and Christopher back again later in the year for another outdoor adventure.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Charlie & Jack at the Pack

Wallenpaupack would be the setting once again for Charlie and Jack's annual ice-fishing trek in 2021.  This pair travelled north from their Southern Pennsylvania residency to the frozen waterway in Wayne County.  The early part of the day started out with some flurries and drizzle mixed in as the temperatures were nearing freezing.  The tip-ups were spaced about and jigging rods were manned as they anglers anticipated the fun of another Legends Outdoors outing.  The jigging action would turn out to be moderate with several panfish taking the offerings on the end of their line resulting in perch and bluegills.  The tip-ups yielded a good amount of flags resulting in some heartbreaks with fishing pulling into the wood, but there were many a good fish hooked up and caught as they caught several smallmouth bass in the 15-16" range. The bass were all released back into the chilly waters of this legendary lake while the panfish were harvested for some fried fish meals.  During the outing the anglers were treated to venison jalapeno hot dogs that while cooking really enthrall the senses out in the open air.  The sun would pop out towards the end of the trip and the temps would peak in the mid-30's as their day would wind down.  Great day out for this pair and we look forward to seeing them back again with Legends Outdoors in the future.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flag Day in February?

Shawn recently took a solo mission out on Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  This was set up as a gift from his girlfriend.  A friend was scheduled to go with him, but did not make it, so Shawn went it alone.  Cleats were strapped around the boots and they prepared for the long walk out on the frozen water.  They arrived at the location and the tip-ups and jigging holes were prepped and ready to rock.  This would be Shawn's first time out ice-fishing and it would surely be one to remember for this New Jersey resident.  The sun would be out strong, but the NW winds blew strong and steady during the outing.  The high for the day was scheduled to top out around 33-34 degrees.  The fish must have thought it was the celebratory June 14th day of "Flag Day" as they were popping on a regular basis as the fish were on the move and devouring the offerings.  Shawn also did fairly well with the jigging pole and landed some good quality fish including this hefty largemouth that posed graciously for a photo.  Shawn tallied smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, perch, bluegill and some huge pickerel on this outing.  All the bass were released while the panfish and pickerel were harvested.  Shawn would also enjoy some of Legends Outdoors venison jalapeno hot dogs and an appetizer of pickled pickerel.  Shawn wasn't the only thing that was hungry as bald eagles were perched in a tree nearby eyeing up the pickerel out on the ice with possibly thoughts of scooping up one of those for a meal of their own, but they never attempted a "Grab N Go".  What a great day it turned out to be all around for Shawn and a great gift from his girlfriend as memories were made for a lifetime.   

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Big Bronzebacks & Tasty Backstraps!

 Mike and his friend Tink are Legends Outdoors regulars via the open water route.  They spoke often about giving ice-fishing a try for sometime and in 2021 they did just that.  Mike's grandson Oliver and Bubba the dog made the trek with them out on the ice of Lake Wallenpaupack for their outing.  It was an extremely nice day with a sereneness about it as the warm February sun and light winds gave the anglers a feeling of comfort and contentment.  Tip-ups were strewn about and jigging rods were manned by the anglers with Bubba observing the sport with inquisitive demeanor.  The day seen some flags and action via the jigging rod.  Some of the flags on the tip-ups got caught up in the wood that lay beneath and others produced some nice fish such as this monster pickerel that measured 26 1/2" verified!  Oliver is timid about holding his fish so he posed next to anglers/guides for the photos.  A decent amount of panfish were caught and kept for harvesting as well as the pickerel.  Oliver would also land a really nice smallmouth bass with beautiful colors as shown below that was returned back into the lake.  Tink would haul in the lunker bass of the day which was an absolute winter tank as it pulled drag and bent his rod as Tink played it out carefully before it was lipped out of the hole and posed for a photo!  This fish was also released back into the wintery depths.  The day also seen venison backstraps cooked for the anglers served on grenade buns.  All parties had a blast on such a brilliantly nice day it will be quite a day to remember for this group and we look forward to seeing them in the upcoming open water season as that is right around the corner.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

A "Golden" Moment

Legends Outdoors regulars of Jay and his father Mike were back at it again for yet another outing.  Along for this trip was Jay's son Alex who has been out with us before as a young up and coming angler.  The day would start out very chilly and still as the clear February skies shone brightly early on this day.  The tent was set up for the group to do some jigging inside for a while before moving about more during the day.  Tip-ups were strewed about the area that this trio trekked to in hopes of some Lake Wallenpaupack winter action.  The action was moderate and spotty in both the jigging category and tip-ups.  Some of the fish that struck the tip-ups ran them into the wood and pulled free.  Alex was laser focused on his jigging skills and was using the Vexlar to assist in his approach to catching the fish that swam below.  He was doing very well and learning as usual at a rapid pace.  Amidst the fishing they were treated to some fried panfish that had a nice batter and dipped into Chef Dave's special Jalapeno BBQ sauce for some kick.  That really hit the spot for lunch on a chilly day such as this.  The anglers compiled some bluegill and perch during the day and Alex would coax a rarity into biting his jig rod in a massive 10" golden shiner that he was all smiles to pose for with!  As usual it was a fun outing for this three-generation group and the day would eventually wind down and they would take the long walk back to shore and start pondering their next outing with Legends Outdoors.