Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy New Year and Thank You!

We at Legends Outdoors would like to say thank you and wish  our clients a very Happy New Year and all the best for you in 2022!  

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Crappies, Coleslaw, and a Cold Morning

Chef Dave along with wife Chrissy and son Jax were out in November on a cold day for some fall fishing.  The morning was in the 30's with no wind at all!  Quiet and cold on this seemingly deserted lake.  Jax is getting to the age where he is really taking a big interest in fishing and likes to assist in catching some of the fish.  Used was Keitech Baits on light line to try to entice strikes from the cold water crappies that swim beneath.  Entice they did as the action was virtually non stop on this day!  Strike after strike came about and the rods were bent throughout the outing.  Slab crappie after slab crappie were caught as well as a few bruiser smallmouth bass that were mixed in.  The smallmouth bass were all let go while about 30-40 crappies were harvested as Dave really enjoys preparing these tasty freshwater panfish for a fish fry.  All in all around 100 fish were caught on the day as it was just incredible fishing.  To top it all off, chef prepared lobster salad sandwiches, pineapple coleslaw, and cherry stuffed peppered chicken parmesan Florentine for a remarkable lunch for the entire boat. An absolute delight as chef Dave is an amazing chef and very generous preparing tasty dishes such as this for the Legends Outdoors crew and we would like to thank him for always keeping us in mind.  Overall this was an amazing day and a great way to wind down the 2021 open water adventures. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Late Season Rewards

When the days are short and the water is cold is when you will find long time client Smoothie roaming Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  The weather was harsh with air temperatures in the 30’s along with some rain and a breeze accompanying it.  Smoothie has been a Legends Outdoors client for well over 20 years and raw days such as this do not deter this veteran angler in the least.  Smoothie alternated hard baits and Keitech Baits in the water that was in the 40’s and fished with an unbridled focus.  The bites would be few and far between, but the quality would be there when he got a strike.  As seen below Smoothie hooked into a striped bass that right away started powerful runs to try and free itself without success as the angler used the rod and drag to perfection playing out such a strong fish.  Eventually Smoothie tired it out and it was netted for a photo before going back into the chilled waters of Smoothie’s favorite lake.  Also caught were some really nice smallmouth bass as well as some dink largemouth bass on the day with these tactics of choice.  For nourishment he had some Legendary sandwiches prepared for his final adventure of 2021.  Seen along the shore were also some deer that made their way to the water’s edge for a drink and to gander out what was going on at the lake on this quiet fall day.  An overall great day once again for Smoothie and we look forward to seeing him back again in 2022 for more adventures including his annual Good Friday outing.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Bringing Along a Friend

Steve and Durell have been out with Legends several times over and wanted to share the experience with their friend Glen, so they brought him along for a November excursion. Their day on Lake Wallenpaupack seen beautiful weather for this time of year with air temperatures in the 40’s and flat water most of the day.    The three men patrolled the lake in the Ranger Boat pursuing the fish that swam beneath with a mix of hard baits and Keitech Baits.  With blue skies overhead and sun shining down on their shoulders, these friends soaked up the sights and sounds of this autumn day.  They seen some deer and shared in many stories about their days in the service as well as their adventures in the outdoors.  They picked up some fish here and fish there as they got into smallmouth bass, pickerel, and perch on their day out on the lake.  Steve also brought along some hearty hoagies for lunch which were a big hit with the group.  Overall they had a great time out and we were glad they brought along Glen for the adventure as we look forward to seeing them back again in 2022 for another Legends Outdoors outing.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Mike and Jay on a Brisk Fall Day

Jay and his father Mike took an early November trip on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The two are no strangers to Legends Outdoors as they come out with us several times per year.  This day is was brutally cold with near freezing air temperatures at the start of their day.  There would be a breeze that accompanied the cold temps which made having proper gear all that more important.  These two guys are avid hunters also and spend quite a bit of time outdoors so they are used to the frigid weather.  Mike actually already got a nice dear this fall prior to this trip.  The water was in the low 50's as the duo sprayed the waterway with hardbaits.  Jay had the hot hand early while after the fried panfish shore lunch, Mike would have the hot hand.  This was a day of quality for sure as they caught quite a few big smallmouth and largemouth bass as seen below.  They fought very good in the cool water and the colors were just pristine on these hefty fish.  All the bass were released back into the scenic lake.  The men were also treated to some really cool wildlife views as they seen bald eagles and a buck walk down to the water near some doe and drink water.  This would be the last day out for Jay and Mike for the 2021 open water season and we were glad to have them on board for many trips this year yet again and look forward to seeing them back in 2022.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Legends Outdoors Legends

Wild Bill and his friend Joe were back at it for their open water finally of 2021.  The November outing was a nice way to close out the season for these two avid outdoorsmen.  The cold crisp air of the morning and the smell of autumn leaves really heightened the senses.  The pair were on a panfish mission once again as they often as they used light line and finesse tactics as they seined the water with Keitech Baits.  The mushy light bites from the crappie were easily detectable for the veteran anglers as there wasn’t even the hint of a breeze on the day.  There rods were buckled often with slab crappies from the depths.  The anglers also hooked into a few nice smallmouth bass that were very feisty in the low 50’s water temperatures.  They posed for a few photos before being returned to the lake.  All in all the men caught a few dozen plus crappie that were harvested for fried fish meals.  Wild Bill and Joe had their sandwiches and plenty of good conversations about their fall hunting escapades while enjoying their day out on the water.  All in all it was a great way for these friends to end their season with Legends Outdoors and we look forward to seeing them back in 2022 for more outdoor adventures.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Matt & Carl 2021

Carl and his son Matt returned to Pennsylvania in 2021 for their annual week of fishing with Legends Outdoors.  The father and son duo have been making the journey from Virginia each year for many years now for a multi-day outing.  This fall they seen a diversity of waterways (three), boats they fished on (three), and weather conditions during their five days of fishing.  Carl and Matt used mostly Keitech Baits with a mix of hardbaits and other soft plastics on their outing.  The plethora of wildlife that they seen was outstanding as the numerous bird species and mammals really added to the entire outdoor adventure for this duo.  They would have a mix of hot streaks and lulls in the action, but overall good quality for sure.  They landed several bass that fought strongly in the chilling waters with several that hit the 3 & 4 pound range as shown below.  They also caught chain pickerel and a few varieties of panfish on their outing.  Matt would hook into and carefully play out the big one of the trip in the stained water on light line before working it towards the net on a chilly morning that resulted in a 7.38# walleye for his personal best walleye of his fishing career!  Matt and Carl also enjoyed some nice sandwiches and snacks each day out on the water as well as Wednesday when they were treated to a shore lunch consisting of fresh panfish and pickerel along with Legends Outdoors famous macaroni salad and brownies while resting on one of the scenic islands of Lake Wallenpaupack.  The great conversations, good food, good fishing, wildlife, camaraderie with the guides, good lodging, and time away from hectic work schedule made for an amazing and outstanding adventure once again for Matt & Carl in 2021.     

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Glenn & Mark's Autumn Adventure

Glenn along with his long time friend Mark were back out with Legends Outdoors for a fall adventure.  Typically they do a big family trip in the late spring, but that trip did not come to fruition in 2021. They had a light breeze on the day with blue skies and cool temperatures.  The men fished about Lake Wallenpaupack with hardbaits and plenty of energy as they threw cast after cast.  The variety of stories and conversations from hunting to ocean fishing to family to tournaments to Glenn's latest outdoor article filled the day in between the catches. Catches indeed there were as the two friends caught plenty of smallmouth bass on the fall outing and posed with a few nice ones as shown below.  They also enjoyed some tasty food and seen some wildlife and a plethora of different colored leaves that lined the lake. What a great overall day out for these two friends and we hope that Glenn and Mark have a great off season and look forward to seeing them back in the spring of 2022.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Spiderman Mike and Tink go Crankinstein

Spiderman Mike and his friend Tink are Legends Outdoors regular clients who come out with us about three or four times per year.  The two men are avid hunters and fishermen and have plenty to talk about when they get on board for the day.  They were greeted at Lake Wallenpaupack with very low water conditions and a brisk morning.  There was very little wind and blue skies overhead for their October adventure.  Typically when they go out with Legends Outdoors they are giving the fish a steady diet of Keitech Baits, but not today as they would be doing some fall crankbaiting for their quarry. They fished about the lake being very mobile and moving around covering a lot of water.  They would catch smallmouth bass and largemouth bass on this day and some good quality too.  They enjoyed the fall foliage, fresh air, talking about concerts, and some hearty snacks as they had an all around great day on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Jim Delivers on the Stained River

Legends Outdoors regular....Jim was back at it again.  This time it was a late October adventure on the Susquehanna River.  His daughter was supposed to go with him but did not make the he made the solo trek to PA from nearby NJ.  The weather was cool and overcast just about the entire time, but as usual Jim was prepared with is AFTCO gear for the elements.  The river was fairly stained with a strong flow to it making for some challenging fishing conditions indeed.  A slow start didn't deter Jim as it took some time to figure out the presentation, weight, and soft plastic that was the key combo to the day.  Plenty of snags during the day, but also plenty of bites as Jim would rack up 50 fish on the day consisting almost completely of smallmouth bass.  He brought along his usual Wawa lunch and determined spirit as he put in a solid day on the Susquehanna River.  We look forward to seeing Jim again real soon on his next Legends Outdoors adventure wherever it may be.