Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Curtain Call for Ice-Fishing

Returning clients Charlie and Jack set out on a Pennsylvania waterway for the last day out with the safe ice waning.  Their day was very cold though with temperatures in the teens with wind that approached 15 MPH.  These two are no strangers to either the open water or ice-fishing as they thoroughly enjoy both types of angling.  The day seen constant action for the pair as the tip-ups were going off at a rapid pace as they spent quite a bit of time chasing after flags.  They also had good steady jigging action as well as they caught numerous perch (a few exceeded 12"), sunfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, and pickerel on the day.  They took four of the panfish for harvesting.  They were treated to venison jalapeno franks and beans along with marinated venison backstraps for nourishment during the trip.  They also seen bald eagles soaring overhead in the winter sun making for a great punctuation on a great day out together and capping off the 2024 Legends Outdoors ice-fishing season.