Friday, May 6, 2022

Tenacious Goal Achieved

Jack, who is a property owner at Lake Wallenpaupack has fished the lake many times before and has always wanted to catch a striped bass out of this scenic waterway.  This April, he went out in pursuit of them with Legends Outdoors and brought along his wife.  The threat of rain during the outing didn’t deter the anglers as this time out together away from their very busy lives is always cherished amongst them.  They went about the day with a combo of Keitech Baits and hard baits in search of these elusive beauties.  Once again as it has been lately, bites were few and far in-between.  The couple didn’t even flinch as they kept at it while enjoying the serenity of the lake as there wasn’t another boat seen out during the outing.  They picked up some nice smallmouth bass and a huge 25” pickerel as they traversed the waters.  They had some snacks and talked about many local things that they and the guide knew from their cumulative time in the area.  The rain did come down in off and on spurts, but never super heavy at any point.  The day was winding down as the light wind sauntered above the surface of the water while the boat headed to one last spot before heading in.  Just like that, Jack had a tremendous smash and he quickly set the hook!  The battle would be on as he was now ever so close to his goal as the beast stripped out line in bursts of speed.  Jack would calmly fight it back and forth until it was worked into the net and there it was….an 18# striped bass that was weighed and posed for a nice photo.  A time to celebrate for the anglers for sure!  They then packed it in shortly after and reflected on the wonderful day they had out.  They didn’t get a lot of bites….totaling a dozen or so, but they got quality ones for sure!  Congrats to Jack and we look forward to seeing them back again real soon for another Legends Outdoors adventure.