Monday, May 9, 2022

Finding Time

Local anglers Paul and his son Mike headed out on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack for an early May adventure.  Paul is a very avid angler and does quite a bit of trout fishing and also for several other species.  These outdoorsmen faced the tail end of a brutal cold front that came in several days ago and today would be the first day it would finally start breaking free of that pattern.  The day was sunny with very little wind and the water was in the very high 40's to hitting the low 50's on the trip.  As it has been often lately, bites were hard to come by as the anglers poked and prodded at the lake with a variety of baits.  The hard core anglers stuck with it stop after stop and were game for trying to figure out ways to entice these front effected fish.  They brought along a good lunch of sandwiches and snacks along with plenty of good conversation for the day.  There were plenty of birds and animals that were in attendance at the lake on this day to soak in the strong rays of sunshine on this spring day.  Switching baits often would be the key to this day as it took a myriad of plastics and hard baits to get the bites which totaled about fifteen for them.  Their catch consisted of all smallmouth bass except for two pickerel that joined in.  It was a fun day for the anglers as they enjoyed a rare time out together as busy work schedules make it difficult to get out together.