Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Double the Fun

Avid anglers Jerry and his friend Drew recently headed out for a pair of trips on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  Jerry is out often with us and is very fond of pursuing the striped bass that swim in this lake.  These two days were about a week or so apart as he and his friend Drew went after them for quite some time each day with high hopes of hooking into these fierce fighting beauties.  The mornings were cold and wind was present more so on the sunnier day as the anglers gave the fish a steady diet of Keitech on the outings.  The water temps were in the high 40's and just touching 50 on occasion.  Although they didn't land any stripers, Drew did hook into two nice fish that got away and weren't verified what the species was.  The bites were few and far in between, but when one was hooked it would typically be a good sized fish.  They had a variety of snacks and seen plenty of wildlife during their days out.  Jerry would catch a nice walleye, pickerel, and several smallmouth bass while Drew brought in all bronzebacks.  Plenty of fun was had by the pair and we look forward to seeing them back again in the near future for more outdoor adventures.