Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Reconnaissance Mission 2022

Avid angler and Legends Outdoors regular...Jim recently acquired a property on a lake.  He knew we had some history and familiarity with this body of water, so he wanted us to help him learn and explore his new home water. The early May day seen mostly sunny skies with some clouds that made for a hazy day.  The morning was cold and the winds were light.  Jim travelled about the lake from one end to the other learning the layout of the lake along with several key areas and patterns for this lake.  The lake would be eight degrees warmer at one end of the lake than the other as an example.  Caught on the day would be a few big walleyes that were harvested, a pickerel, perch and a few smallmouth bass.  Many baits were used and techniques to really give a plethora of methods a workout.  Jim had some snacks and great conversations with the guide along with absorbing plenty of information on the day.  We would like to wish Jim all the best with his new home and adventures on this lake, and look forward to seeing him again in the near future.