Friday, May 13, 2022

Change of Venue

Mark and his brother John went for a two-day adventure recently with Legends Outdoors.  They typically do a one day journey at Lake Wallenpaupack, but in 2022 they decided to try a different body of water and hopefully catch a tiger musky during their stay. Day 1 seen water temperature from 50 to 53 degrees with overcast skies all day and very little wind what so ever.   It took almost two hours in the very clear water before they hooked into their first fish which was a largemouth bass and then it was plenty of action from there on out.  The key was they had to slow down and fish soft plastics as the fish were not in a chase mode for this duo.  They caught around 40 fish on the day including several quality smallmouth and largemouth bass along with a couple of rockbass and a few perch.  They never did get a tiger musky to knowingly follow or strike on this day. They enjoyed pizza and sandwiches along with butterscotch krimpets for desert while seeing a plethora of wildlife including a black squirrel and many other birds on the day.   Day number two rolled around and the morning air temps were once again in the low to mid 40’s and the water would be 51-52 all day.  The day was overcast most of the time with some hazy sun poking through once in a great while with some easterly wind that blew quite steadily most of the day.  The day would be quite different as the fish were hitting moving baits much better today and didn’t bite the slow approach nearly as much as day one.  The day seen spurts of activity and slow times, but all in all they put together another solid day with once again no takers from the elusive tiger musky even though they put their time into the pursuit of one.  They caught 36 fish on the day including once again several quality smallmouth with a 4.29# one being the biggest and nice largemouth bass along with a few perch and rockbass in the mix.  The anglers seen a good amount of wild life again on this day including a loon and once again had a hearty lunch and some really great conversations on their outing about hunting and a variety of other topics while experiencing two awesome days of fishing.