Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Vinny's Trio

Returning clients of Vinny and his friends Mark and Justin were out for a trip recently aboard the Legends Outdoors Boat on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  Typically the group is out a bit later in the year, but decided to delve into the pre spawn scenario.  The day was bitter cold to start with air temps in the low 30's as they set out.  The group is really into Keitech Baits and wanted to stick with them during the outing and did so as they probed these waters.  There was a mix of sun and clouds on this their day out as well as periods of strong winds and then calm periods.  The group brought along some of their famous hoagies and also were gracious enough to bring one for their guide which is deeply appreciated.  The bites were few and far in between as they casted with light line and their Keitech Baits, but the quality would sure be there when they hooked up!  Justin hooked into a striped bass and battled it out for a while as his drag screamed often as they have an unmistakable power of a fierce predator.  Mark would catch the monster smallmouth bass of the day while Vinny also caught a big one for a photo.  They all caught a few other smallmouths and Justin added a rogue crappie as they group mustered up a spattering over a dozen bites on the day.  The trio had an absolute blast on the trip enjoying the all around experience on this legendary lake.