Monday, April 25, 2022

Twenty-Seven Years & Counting

Smoothie ventured out yet again for what would be 27 years of being with Legends Outdoors.  Once again this would be his traditional Good Friday trip.  Typically gloves and heat packs would be a part of the attire, but not in 2022 as the holiday fell in the middle of the month and the day would warm up nicely.  With water in the low 40’s, Smoothie was more than at home fishing slow and methodical for the fish that swim in Lake Wallenpaupack.  He poked and prodded at this temperamental body of water to muster up about half a dozen bites on the outing.  The bites that he did entice were good ones as he lost what was surely a striped bass, caught his personal Lake Wallenpaupack best of 21 ½” smallmouth bass and also a few other nice smallmouths on the day.  The wind howled on this day, but Smoothie kept at it as he soaked in the warm rays of the springtime sun.  He kept fueled with Legends Outdoors homemade pizza on this Lenten Friday.  He was also sporting his new royal blue Legends Outdoors Hooded Sweatshirt and a Camouflage Legends Outdoors Hat to show his team spirit which we deeply appreciate as well as his loyalty and friendship throughout these 27 years he has been with us.