Saturday, April 23, 2022

Springtime Slabs with Chef Dave

Springtime means many things to many people, but for Chef Dave it means crappie fishing!  For two days in Mid-April he probed the waters with Keitech Baits searching for these beautiful slab sides and possibly some perch.  The first day there were blue skies and bright sun as he set out on this solo mission.  First stop he caught a big crappie and a few smaller perch.  It took a while, but they found some more crappie and some big ones indeed as Dave pulled out a massive 2.07#er that would be the lunker of the trip.  They moved around to several other locations as the wind made fishing the tiny finesse bait difficult as he sliced and diced the waters in search of panfish.  The perch bite was off a bit, but he did manage to catch a bunch on the smaller side along with a few bass during the day.  Chef typically brings along an excellent lunch for the entire boat and on day one it was fruity shrimp tacos drizzled with a peppered coconut and mango sauce along with a side of pasta salad tossed in an herbed lemon and honey vinaigrette.  What a delicious dish it was!  Dave returned to the area where he caught the lunker and worked up a few more before the end of the day.  He would catch around a dozen with several of them being those slabs he was seeking out.  Day two would roll around with the day being much more overcast with rain expected later in the evening.  The crappie action would be much better today for Dave as he would haul in well over 20 and harvested 15 of them.  He would also catch several largemouth bass on this day, some perch and even a bluegill to round out his catches.  Dave cooked up another spectacular meal on this outing as we had a Greek style fish wrap served with a side of lightly fried seasoned old bay potatoes.  For the two days he seen quite a variety of birds and even a juvenile bald eagle that we got a photo of in a nearby tree.  Dave would have a good amount of action overall and all of his fish on this trip were caught on Keitech Baits as he fulfilled his panfish mission.  He will be out with Legends Outdoors again in 2022 and we look forward to seeing him back again in the upcoming months.