Wednesday, April 20, 2022

More than Just a Polo Hat

Jim is a regular indeed and comes out with Legends Outdoors several times per year.  He brings along a myriad of guests from family, to friends, to work acquaintances on these journeys.  His brother-in-law JT has been along on many occasions including this recent April outing.  This trip was much more than about fishing, but about the calm, cool and humble man we are highlighting today under that signature Polo Hat he wears on every trip in a variety of colors.  JT is not only an avid fisherman, but a good family man, successful business owner, and a very generous person with an excellent disposition and a good friend to our entire staff.  So often it seems that when he is on a spring or fall trip, a brutal cold front such as this or snow storm rolls in making conditions extreme.  JT who hails from Maine will just grin and bear it and keep on keeping on and fish on through.  There was a major front that came in the night before dropping the air temperatures below freezing and dropping the water temperature.  The chill was in the air and the winds blew hard from the cold northwest as the anglers set out on the lake.  It didn’t take long for Jim to hook into and catch a nice brown trout to start out the day on a high note.  The bites would not be fast and furious what-so-ever the rest of the day as they managed five bass (4 largemouth & 1 smallmouth) and a few short strikes as the tentative fish were hard to elicit a strike from.  Snow flurries fell off and on as a mix of sun and clouds scattered throughout the sky rolled by at high speeds.  The sandwiches and snacks provided extra fuel for the anglers on this frigid day as they casted about a variety of baits to try and entice cold front strikes from the fish.  The day which felt like winter would eventually wind down as the anglers packed up their belongings and headed for their New Jersey home as they reflected on the day and the fun they had sharing stories and fishing the beautiful waterway.  We look forward to seeing Jim and JT later in the season for another Legends Outdoors Adventure.