Saturday, August 21, 2021

Testing New Waters

Legends Outdoors regular, Jim was back at it for a solo mission in August.  Jim was up for the challenge of getting out to a new body of water he had not yet been to in scenic New York State.  The day would be a perfect setting for Jim as the overcast skies and rain that fell early on may be the kind of day that some would shy away from, but Jim relishes in this type of weather.  The lake was low exposing much of the shoreline cover, so Jim probed and prodded mostly off shore locations to try and unlock the puzzle of the lake.  After a slow start, Jim would pick and peck away at the fish that resided in this lake by trying a variety of baits and presentations that is very typical of his approach.  He never lost confidence or faith that he would have a successful day and that is exactly what happened as he landed some largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, a nice pickerel, a humongous pumpkinseed, some perch, rockbass, and a lot of longear sunfish.  Jim also brought along his typical Wawa sandwich and Twizzlers to keep him fueled for the day while his AFTCO raingear kept him warm and dry.  Jim thoroughly enjoyed himself and savored the challenge of testing new waters.