Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Big Bass then off to Class

For many years now "Legendary Jack" and his father Glenn have been coming out fishing with Legends Outdoors.  He started out way back when he was in grade school and has grown into a young adult right before our eyes.  He will soon be off to Georgia Tech to pursue his educational career and we wish him the best in that endeavor.  His family typically comes up to the Poconos for a vacation and stays at Woodloch Pines for several days.  This August day Jack and Glenn would have a very comfortable day to fish as there would be a slight breeze and a nice morning coolness to the day as they displayed their Legends Outdoors attire.  They bounced around the scenic waterway probing with Keitech Baits in search of the fish that roam beneath.  Jack would hook into a slammer largemouth bass that he played out carefully before landing it and taking a photo with it.  Just look at the vibrant colors on it and the smile on Jack's face...priceless.  They landed some smallmouth bass also with some being good quality size too making it for a day of quality not quantity.  Glenn brought along his famous subs made with top quality meats and buns as he typically does.  The father/son duo had a spectacular time and we appreciate their continued loyalty coming back with us year after year and once again wish Jack all the best with his educational pursuit.