Monday, August 9, 2021

Hazy Days of Summer

Returning client Bill was back at it on Lake Wallenpaupack.  He was on a family vacation and went out with the boys to do some fishing on the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  The summer day was calm and overcast with some haze about the lake for a good while.  They went about it early with Keitech Baits and topwater in the cool calmness of the morning.  The Keitech Baits were picking up some fish and there were several "KABOOSH" hits on the topwater that resulted in some feisty smallmouth bass jumping about before being landed as they were very active this morning.  They plodded along very silently with the trolling motor as the men casted about in pursuit of the fish of this legendary lake.  A pickerel showed up as well as several other smallmouth bass and a plethora of panfish in the mix.  The men had some snacks and plenty of good conversation during the outing.  They had a really fun time out on the trip and enjoyed their vacation very much overall.  We look forward to seeing Bill back again in the future and were glad they were able to get out with us on this summer day.