Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Philly Special on Lake Wallenpaupack?

When the water reaches only 39 degrees as the high in a day, it is the end of February, there is ice on most of the lake, and the air temp gets into the low to mid 40's........what does an angler do to catch fish?  Answer is: Long time client and Philadelphia Eagles fan, Mike used his own version of the "Philly Special" to entice strikes in those mentioned extremely challenging conditions.  He did it with light line, finesse baits, focus, and the right technique bringing it all together as he would work up a 1/2 dozen beautiful smallmouth bass and a pickerel on this blue skied and calm day.  Mike has a place up on Lake Wallenpaupack and hopes to retire here some day and tries to get out in diverse times of the year to learn the techniques involved and this was just a prime example.  This winter adventure was a fruitful one for Mike and we look forward to seeing him again on more Legends Outdoors outings in the future and wish him the best in his future plans.