Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kooch's Catches Em' in Cold Water

Kooch has been out several times with Legends Outdoors, and as an avid hunter and fisherman, he is always up for a challenge in the woods or out on the water.  Today his winter day rendezvous with Lake Wallenpaupack brought upon him the challenge of very cold water temps maxing out around 40 degrees along with bright blue skies and virtually no wind.  Kooch has been getting out with Legends Outdoors in the different seasons to improve his seasonal skills and patterns on the lake as he is a property owner at the lake and is continuing trying to figure out the puzzle that these finicky fish continue to throw at him.  Today he went at them with light line and Keitech Baits to entice frigid water strikes.  Amidst the fishing some beverages and white double crusted pizza was consumed to keep up his energy in the chilly air as he continued to administer cast after cast into the Wayne County Waters.  His persistence paid off  as he brought in roughly ten fish including some beautiful smallmouth bass and his personal best.....a 27" pickerel.  A great day to break out the open water gear for Kooch and we look forward to seeing him on the water many more times this year.