Saturday, August 18, 2018


Steve along with his son Rick and grandson Cole were vacationing on Lake Wallenpaupack this summer and enjoying their on the water stay.  One of the days, they booked a trip and went out on the lake for some fishing with Legends Outdoors.  The pontoon boat was the setting for these returning clients.  Their day was overcast with a slight chop on the water coupled with some stormy weather that went past in small spurts.  They used both live bait and Keitech Baits to attract the fish of this scenic waterway and really caught some good fish on this outing.  Big smallmouth bass, pickerel, and some solid perch were hauled in by the three generation of anglers.   Plenty of smiles and good times to go around on this day and an excellent compliment to their family vacation away from their home town.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

From Pittsburgh to the Poconos

Lee along with his son Greg and his wife Jessica all of Pittsburgh joined Legends Outdoors on  a beautiful Saturday morning. This trio is vacationing in the Poconos and wanted to do a little fishing, so they headed out for some local water angling.  With calm waters and blue skies they fished about on this pleasant day and caught some really nice fish with just under a dozen largemouth bass total  with all of them being really solid specimens and a few pickerel. All fish were caught on TACKLEHD HiDEF Crawfish and released back into the water for some other angler to enjoy the excitement of these nice fish on the end of the line.  The family really enjoyed their trip and hope to do it again someday.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

John's Bachelor Party

A group of nine men from the neighboring state of New Jersey assembled at the Lake Wallenpaupack area for a weekend of celebration for John as he is soon to be married.  The bachelor party festivities were organized by Scott and included a trip out with Legends Outdoors for some fishing and scenic on the water fun.  Having some cigars and beverages while doing some fishing, these nine guys that have know each other for quite some time dating mostly back to their days in high school had an absolute blast.  It was a nice sunny and warm day for their outing which also included a dock-n-dine stop for some good eats.  They caught some smallmouth bass, pickerel, largemouth bass, and a few panfish during the day.  We at Legends Outdoors would like to wish John the best in his upcoming matrimony and thank all his companions of Chris, Evan, Steve, Mike, Matt, Scott, Rory, and Joe for joining him in this special weekend celebration.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mid-Summer Sampler

Heading out for a vacation was Rafal, his son Aleks and his friend Remik.  They did some fishing during it on a hot July day.  The blue skies and scorching sun made it a good reminder that we were in the midst of summer which so many of us were thankful for after the bitter cold April we endured this year in the Lake Wallenpaupack Area.  The slick and clear waters of the lake held an allure as this trio traveled about the lake fishing.  Using Keitech Baits they overcame a slow start and caught some largemouth bass, perch, rockbass, bluegills, pickerel, and smallmouth bass due to their willingness to stick with it and keep at it.  It was a nice mixture of fish they pulled in and had a great time out with Legends Outdoors and hope to do it again someday.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Remembering Tony McGraw

One of the local establishments, West Side Club had a dedicated patron in Tony McGraw for many years before he recently took ill.  He was well known to those who went there and was well liked by all.  There was a benefit golf tournament that was held, and along with that there were raffles.  One of the raffle prizes donated was a Legends Outdoors Guide Trip.  The winning ticket was held by Yabo, Earl, Red, & Paul.  They made plans to get out on Lake Wallenpaupack and the Mid-July outing was a pristine setting with blue skies, barely a breeze, and comfortable temperatures.  The pontoon boat was a floating sanctuary for this foursome as they had cigars, beverages, and hoagies from the deli that Paul owns during their trip.  The floated around most of the day just hoping for that one hard to find striper bite while they reminisced and talked about all the great years with Tony they had.  It seemed right on queue as when the rod buckled after a vicious strike and the battle was on!  After a few minutes, a striper was landed and in Tony's name they celebrated this prized catch!  They broke away later in the trip and did some casting about and caught a few other fish such as smallmouth bass before wrapping up this memorable day.  Special thanks to the West Side Club.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ryan & Pete

Ryan was visiting the Lake Wallenpaupack Area on vacation for several days and invited his friend Pete from out of town to do some fishing for a day on this legendary lake.  The sunny July day had barely a breeze and sweltering heat as the anglers fished about the waterway.  Starting out for striped bass proved fairly fruitless as getting these elusive gems of this lake to strike can be quite a challenge.  After breaking away from that pattern they hit several areas with Keitech Baits and had some quality action.  They got smallmouth bass, pickerel, a few panfish and did get a hybrid striped bass during their outing for a good mix on the day.  Some good conversations, snacks, and plenty of relaxation for these two friends on this summer day out fishing together.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Patience and Plan B

Mike and his father Kevin have been out with Legends Outdoors both on the hard water and open water fishing in the past.  Kevin once again brought his son Mike out for another outing as Kevin loves to go fishing.  The goal on this warm sunny day was to target striped bass.  That was the plan and they stuck with it for hours on end with the hopes of that one key bite that would come.  It never happened, but they had the patience and determination to stay with it.  The backup plan for the last 25% of the day was to do some casting with Keitech Baits.  That part of the day proved very productive as they had plenty of action and landed smallmouth bass, pickerel, and some perch. Mike was very happy as he was all smiles posing with his catches on this July outing.  We look forward to seeing Kevin and Mike back again between their other exploits.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fishing Fanatics

Brothers JoJo and Chris are truly "fishing fanatics" and have been out with Legends Outdoors many times over the last few years, and 2018 would be no exception as they were out in frigid February already for some late winter action.  This time around while taking a summer family vacation, the weather would be much warmer as these two young enthusiastic anglers were out with their father George on a partly sunny, hot and humid July day.  They seined the water with Keitech Baits and also some surface baits were used in the mix as they hit the lake hard.  They had a good day catching some real bruiser smallmouth bass and also some pickerel, rockbass, and perch were landed during their day.  They enjoyed snacks and plenty of laughs on the water today and it was a great addition to their family week in the Poconos Region. They will be back in the near future and we look forward to hosting their next outdoor adventure on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Neil & Jim's Pontoon Pickerel Party

Neil and his father Jim who are property owners at Lake Wallenpaupack near the Ledgedale Area were at their place vacationing and took a trip out with Legends Outdoors.  With their busy schedules, it was a great opportunity for a father and son to have some time together and do some fishing.  They wanted to learn some areas and seasonal patterns for when they get out on the water while staying at their place.  Their day seen fair weather with a mix of sun and clouds and a light chop on the water with warm temperatures.  They used Keitech Baits for their approach to catching the fish aboard the Legends Outdoors Pontoon Boat.  They got several nice healthy pickerel that had beautiful shades of green and yellow on them, a few crappies, some perch and some other panfish along with a couple smallmouth bass thrown in there.  They had some snacks and great conversations on their trip out, and we look forward to hearing about their future endeavors out on Lake Wallenpaupack.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Valerie & Eric

Valerie and Eric said were spending some time in the Lake Wallenpaupack area and decided to do some fishing.  Legends Outdoors got the call and they went out for a Saturday excursion.  A chilly morning quickly gave way to bright blue skies and summer temperatures as they traversed the lake.  The lake was calm and the water steady as they pummeled Lake Wallenpaupack with Keitech Baits.  They had a fair amount of action as they caught some smallmouth bass, rockbass, and a solid crappie that took their offering.  They had an overall great time out together enjoying the sites and scenes of the lake on the adventure and said they hope to get back again some day to do it again.