Thursday, February 15, 2018

February Family Fun

Mike along with his son Michael along with family members Joey, Vincent, and Doug headed northeast to Wayne County Pennsylvania for some February ice-fishing.  They have been trying to get a trip in on the hard water for a few seasons with Legends Outdoors, but due to schedules and ice conditions the trip never materialized.  This year would be different as all were able to make it and we had solid ice conditions with quite a bit of snow on top.  The overcast day had a light breeze and temperatures in the 30's making for a very comfortable day.  The anglers were treated to venison sausage, hot dogs, and even some Legends Outdoors pickled pickerel while jigging and sloshing through the wet snow chasing down flags.  It was a decent day of fishing for this five as some were first time ice fishermen as they caught bluegills, perch, sunfish and pickerel on this outing.  The panfish were filleted for some future fish fry when they can reminisce about their mini vacation to the Poconos Region and day out with Legends Outdoors.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dylan & Ken's Snowy Sojourn

Dylan and his father Ken are no strangers to fishing, but they are strangers to the sport of ice-fishing.  These New Jersey residents are returning clients as they ventured out with Legends Outdoors in the very early spring one year for some early season cold water fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack and wanted to try it through the hard water.  Dylan is in a youth bass club in New Jersey and is an upcoming angler gaining knowledge and confidence with each time out on the water. Their maiden voyage seen several snow squalls and just plain snow sessions along with light winds and temperatures in the 20's.  They used both methods of jigging and tip-ups and also used the tent to stay warm and enjoy fresh cooked food while continuing to fish during the day.  They caught a decent amount of slab bluegills for a future meal and also caught some hefty pickerel and slammer smallmouth bass which were released on this day.  What an awesome experience for this father and son duo as they had a great experience learning the methods of ice-fishing and had good success while doing so.  We look forward to seeing Dylan and Ken again for another Legends Outdoors outing.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Groundhog Sees Shadow.....but Anglers See Results

On an early February day, two long time friends of Wild Bill and Joe ventured out for a day on Lake Wallenpaupack.  An early morning series of snow squalls and chilly temperatures did not deter these long time hunting and trapping buddies as they stared at eight inch circles of potential cut in the ice.  Jigging about in many holes they were slow and steady all day with one or two here, and then one or two there.  As the overcast day turned into sunny, the breeze picked up as well as the air temperature.  The action remained consistent as there were never any flurries or long droughts.  The flags were quiet all day as a few perch toyed with the bait and then a big fish struck and it was fought for awhile before it pulled free before the anglers got a glimpse of what may have been the big fish of the day.  As Joe and Wild Bill kept at it, they were treated to Legends Outdoors Specialty Sandwiches that hit the spot as the brisk air tried to sap the energy from these two anglers.  Nearing the end of the trip, a solid fish was hooked and as it was carefully played on light line on the jig pole, a beautiful smallmouth that measured a tad over 19" was brought out of the lake for a photo before it was returned to the depths.   All in all it was a solid day as this duo compiled quite a mess of panfish that were processed and will make for several nice meals in the upcoming weeks.  We at Legends Outdoors look forward to seeing Wild Bill and Joe again for another outdoor adventure.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Return of E-L-M

Long time friends and residents of New Jersey & Pennsylvania......Eric, Lou & Mike returned again in 2018 for some hardwater fishing action.  This year they made a weekend out of it in the Lake Wallenpaupack area as they enjoyed an unseasonably warm couple of days as the rising temperatures and longer daylight hours had the animals and fish stirring quite well.  They had many flags and bites jigging while traversing a slick Lake Wallenpaupack as as sunny start turned to overcast and windy, seeming sweeping away the better action of the day for a tapered down bite, but all in all they had a very good day out fishing.  This trio enjoyed venison sausage and hot dogs freshly cooked by the Legends Outdoors Staff while they were jigging up some slab bluegills and perch which were all cleaned for a future meal.  These friends also caught several nice smallmouth bass on the day,  some of those are shown below in the photos with all of those were released back into the lake.  We look forward to seeing this group back again next year for some more ice-fishing in NE Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Saving the Best for Last

Long time client, Joe never ice-fished he wanted to give it a try this winter and came in from New Jersey with his friend Wade for some hard water action.  They had an absolute beautiful day to fish as it got up into the 40's with a pleasant slight breeze and a sky that started sunny then moved to cloudy.  They quickly learned the ropes of the tip-ups and jigging and had at it for a good long day.   While enjoying their time out together and fishing, they also were treated to freshly cooked venison jalapeno hot dogs and venison back straps that had the outdoor air filled with an inviting aroma.  The anglers enjoyed excellent action throughout the day as they jigged up a good mess of perch and bluegills that were filleted for future meals and also some really hefty smallmouth bass that were all released back into the water.  Just before the trip was wrapping up, another flag went off and Wade settled in over the hole wondering what had taken the bait below the 10+ inches of ice on Lake Wallenpaupack as the spool was spinning rapidly.  After he set the hook and battled the brown beast, a very colorful trout came up through the hole and onto the ice for the lunker of the day.  What an ending to an awesome trip and what a day to have on their maiden voyage ice-fishing!  We want to send a shout out to Joe, as we inadvertently omitted a November trip he did on a very frigid day and caught some really nice smallmouth bass with while fishing Lake Wallenpaupack and we look forward to seeing him again in the open water and hopefully Wade can made the trip again with him for another adventure out with Legends Outdoors.

Retro November Photo:

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January Jubilation

Jay and Mike are annual clients many times over with Legends Outdoors.  They decided to hit the hard water this year to kick things off for their season and brought along Jay's son Alex for his first ice-fishing experience.  It was quite balmy compared to the recent cold snap we have had in NE Pennsylvania as it was in the 30's with a mix of sun and overcast skies during the trip.  As the anglers set out on the 12+ inches of ice and got set up for jigging the flags would start popping and consistently did so all day.  Hustling with anticipation for every strike on the tip-ups kept the heart racing and blood moving.  In between all the running around, Alex was educated on jigging and his first fish withing a minute of starting to jig by himself he caught a nice largemouth bass.  Wow, what a start for this youngster!  The three generations caught many fish jigging and also on the flags as they hauled in a variety of fish including bluegill, sunfish, perch, pickerel, and largemouth bass.  The anglers enjoyed venison sausage and backstraps freshly cooked on the grill during the outing while the smiles kept on coming with all of their success an family enjoyment they were having.  The day was punctuated in the afternoon when one of the flags went off and when the hook was set, Jay knew he had hooked into something with some hefty shoulders and as he carefully worked the fish to and through the hole out popped a whopping 23" largemouth bass that was weighed in at just a tad over 5# that had brilliant green colors in the cold water as it posed for a picture before it was released along with all of the other fish the anglers caught today.  The wildlife, fresh air, food, fishing and family atmosphere totally made for a complete outdoor experience for Jay, Mike and Alex!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cold Day/Hot Action

Carlos and his relative Billy have fished many days together in different locations and wanted to try out ice-fishing in 2018.  They dialed up Legends Outdoors, set a date, and headed north from Philadelphia for some hard water fishing.  A light SE wind with a starting temperature of five degrees greeting the anglers without about 10 to 11 inches of ice covering Lake Wallenpaupack.  With the Eagles fresh off a big win in the playoffs, these guys already had much to smile about before the day started, but that was just the beginning as their grins grew bigger and bigger as the flags were popping left and right as they were hustling around with all the action.  Aside from getting a confirmed 60 flags on this banner day they had some decent action on the jig rods from panfish and pickerel.  Amidst the comfortable chaos they had a vegetable venison soup for starters in the morning and then some venison jalapeno hot dogs for lunch to warm their insides on this frigid day that seen a high of 19 or 20 degrees.  Not only did they catch great numbers, they caught a hefty 27" pickerel shown below and a whopper of a brown trout that showed signs of years of residency in the lake and measuring in at 27" and 7# for the prized catch of the day.  It will be a day to remember for Carlos and Billy as their maiden voyage out with Legends Outdoors was quite a successful one.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bluegills & Backstraps for Wild Bill

One of our most tenured clients, known as "Wild Bill", set out for an early ice adventure on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The unseasonably warm day that followed some extreme cold days had the fish biting very well as Bill coaxed many strikes on the jig rod during the day as this was  a jigging only mission. The overcast skies made for a gray ceiling overhead as the venison backstraps cooked on the open fire while Bill reeled in panfish after panfish and made for a very nice venison sandwich lunch in between the catches.  He had an outstanding day limiting out on panfish consisting of bluegill and sunfish with a few perch in between and he also hooked into a couple gamefish along the way to punctuate his A+ day.  What a great way to kick off the Legends Outdoors ice-fishing season!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Guides Gear Up for Ice Fishing

The calendar has turned to 2018 and Legends Outdoors Guides recently went out to evaluate the fishing and ice conditions.  We are at a full go as there is plenty of ice and the action was very good as they caught a multitude of panfish, pickerel and some slammer smallmouth bass as shown below.  Call for available dates to enjoy some hard water action with Legends Outdoors.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Happy Holidays from Legends Outdoors

We at Legends Outdoors would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and thank all our clients for making 2017 such a successful year. This year seen us add three new guides in Mike, Bernie, and Alan to the staff.  We also now sell Keitech Baits and you will have the ability to order these baits online as custom quantity orders or our Legendary Catch'em Kits and Legendary Catch'em Striper Kits.  We also have Legends Outdoors Beanies, Short Sleeve Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hats, and Koozies.  You can call us for whatever you would like until our online purchase ability is available.  Ice-Fishing is just around the corner also, please contact us about ice conditions and available dates.  Once again we hope you have enjoyed our blogs for the 2017 year and hope you have a very safe and happy holiday season from all of us at Legends Outdoors.