Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cold Water Collaboration

Late October seen George and Ricky of Montgomery County, PA and Dave of Hartford, CT on the beautiful Susquehanna River for their annual trek.  Their back to back days seen the day one with water temps from 43 to 45 degrees, the water clarity was good and it was partly sunny with north winds about 10 mph. These three are long time friends who share many fishing trips dressed for the chilly temperatures that they faced. The Susquehanna did not disappoint as Ricky landed his personal best walleye that was just shy of seven pounds. As a group they caught many Smallmouth in the 14 to 17 inch range and it seemed like every other word was “get the net” as the action was fast and furious. Main bait today was Keitech swimbaits in various sizes, they caught a couple on other baits but Keitech was the bait main player. As always, all fish were released unharmed. On day two of the North Branch adventure the air temps were in the low 30's to start and reached near 50 by the end of their day.  Water clarity was good and the wind was light and variable, almost a perfect fishing day despite the frigid air temps.  This was an "off the chart" type of day as this group landed about 150 Smallmouth and six walleye. Ricky landed biggest bass that was over 17 inches and Dave landed the biggest Walleye that was a little over 20 inches in length. About 1/3 of their smallmouth exceeded 15 inches making it not only a huge numbers day, but with excellent size! Again today Keitech swimbaits were the go to bait. “On The Spot Baits” also accounted for a healthy number of fish. Legends Outdoors was once again glad to host their annual journey to the Susquehanna River and it was an incredible one at that as many memories were made on this one and we look forward to their 2019 adventure. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Honoring Hunter's Gallery

Local sporting goods store Hunter's Gallery in Lake Ariel, PA has a customer appreciation days during the summer.  In 2018 it would take place once again with many vendors, educational opportunities, giveaways, and sales.  One of the giveaways would be a trip with Legends Outdoors.  The winners were local residents of Paul and his wife Kelsey who are a family of avid hunters and fishermen.  Their day out was a late October day which seen a mix of sun and clouds along with off and on windy and calm spells.  They had a great time out on the water despite the chilly temperatures as they used Keitech Baits and crankbaits to entice strikes.  The bites were not fast and furious, but they grinded out a decent day catching several smallmouth bass, a largemouth bass, and a couple perch mixed in.  This very nice couple enjoyed their trip and we would like to thank Hunter's Gallery for having their appreciation days and providing great quality products and service to their customers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Joel's Bachelor Party

Late October was the scene of the gathering for one leg of Joel's bachelor party.  Family and friends gathered from several states on the east coast and got together for a Pennsylvania weekend to celebrate Joel's upcoming big day.  They arrived the day before and had a nice pig roast and partied it up before their day out fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack.  A cold front moved in and stiff winds along with off and on cloudy skies made for tough fishing conditions, but this group of Pat, Joel, Josh, John, Denny, Mark, Mike, Mario, Justin, Jack, Brady, Sam, and Mike were set to have a good time regardless of the weather.  Heading out in four boats with snacks, sandwiches and beverages, this group had a great time travelling about the lake and doing some fishing while celebrating this special occasion.  The group caught a nice hybrid striper, some pickerel, several smallmouth bass, a few perch and even a big bluegill.  A great time was had by all and Legends Outdoors would like to wish Joel and his bride-to-be the best in their upcoming wedding in Brooklyn, N.Y. and all the best in their marriage.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

All in the Family

Legends Outdoors regular, Jim got the family together for a pontoon boat trip out in Mid-October for some fall fun.  A chilly day that had a mix of sun and clouds along with swirling winds set the stage for their trip out on Lake Wallenpaupack. The lake level was also unseasonably high for this time of year. Jim along with his son and his father Jim as well as brother-in-law JT and his father Tim gave the Lake Wallenpaupack fish a steady diet of Keitech Baits and crankbaits during the outing.  They had some snacks and plenty of laughs to keep them warm during the chilly day for a nice family outing.  The leaves were just starting to turn to some yellows and tinges of red for a nice backdrop as they caught many smallmouth bass, a few largemouth bass, a few pickerel, and even a spattering of sunfish mixed in.  Awesome day out as usual with Jim and his family and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Deja Vu for Taren and Crew

When Taren and his family visit their vacation home in the Woodloch Pines area it has been a tradition to take one day and head out with Legends Outdoors with the guys while the ladies have their day out doing other fun activities.  This October would keep in line with theme as Taren along with father-in-law Angelo returned for another adventure.  They brought along Vinny on this cold and windy fall day.  The overcast skies brought a little bit of rain during the outing, but that did not dampen these three men's spirits whatsoever.  They sliced and diced the lake with Keitech Baits and crankbaits during the morning.  They stopped for a Dock N Dine lunch for some warm soup and a sandwich to warm up a bit before getting back out there for some more Lake Wallenpaupack action.  They had a nice day of action catching many smallmouth bass including several good quality ones.  They also landed a few pickerel and some panfish during their outing.  Another quality outing for Taren and crew and we look forward to seeing them back in 2019 for more outdoor action!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hump Day Huzzah

Brian who owns a beverage distributor has a very busy schedule each week, but was able to find a Wednesday to get away for a fishing trip with Legends Outdoors.  He brought along his friend Josh and Josh's son Ty for a New York excursion.  The three wielded Keitech Baits with light line tactics from start to finish as the action was unbelievably relentless all day.  They had moderate temperatures for October with a mix of sun and clouds as it was warm and then cool depending on what seemed by the minute changing conditions back and forth.  Josh brought some nice hoagies from a local deli that really hit the spot for these three anglers during the event to keep their energy up for their numerous hook sets throughout the day.  They caught many crappies and smallmouth bass and even caught several white perch mixed in as they had a banner day.  They harvested some crappies for fried fish meals and all smallmouths were released back into the lake.  An overall great fall day out for this trio!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Mike & Jay's Summer/Fall Recall

Mike and Jay who are avid Legends Outdoors clients came out for a couple trips; one in August and one in early October.  This encompasses both events and on each occasion their outing was between fronts.  They used some deep fishing with Keitech Baits and also some crankbaits in the mix on their outings in pursuit of the fish.  Their comfortable days were highlighted by some quality smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and pickerel.  Neither day yielded high volumes, but as mentioned they got some really nice ones.  They had a great time and both times a shore lunch of a fresh fish fry and barbecue potato chips hit the spot as a mid outing break.  We at Legends Outdoors are looking forward to seeing this father and son team again in 2019 when they will surely be back on Lake Wallenpaupack for some more outdoor fun.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Wallenpaupack Octoberfest

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area resident Durell who is a returning client of Legends Outdoors went out recently for his own version of Octoberfest.  He brought along wife Beverly and his friend Steve out on the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  This trio ventured out on a breezy day in search of stripers early on and stayed with it for some time without any takers.  They group then altered game plans and just went fishing with some light line tactics.  The overcast skies didn't dampen their spirit as they cast away and caught some good quality fish on this day in the species of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pickerel, and perch.  They even did a dock-n-dine lunch break today and had a nice warm meal during the outing.  A good time was had by all and we look forward to their return.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Learning the Ropes

Kirk recently acquired a place up at Lake Wallenpaupack and wanted to get involved in figuring out how to catch stripers on this scenic waterway.  He gathered up friends/co-workers Andrew and Stephen and went out with Legends Outdoors to learn about the patterns and techniques involved in catching these elusive fish.  An early fall day brought very typical fall weather; overcast with a light breeze and cool temperatures.  They started on their mission and stayed on it for a while and then...WHAM! The strike occurred and they were hooked up with a fall striper as it played tug-o-war with these anglers until it was eased into the net and a photo taken.  There were plenty of laughs and cheers as they got their sought after fish.  They fished for the remainder of the day while having some snacks and beverages and learning the layout of the lake and techniques.  They also had some bonus action as all three rods were hooked up at once and each angler caught a smallmouth bass to also get in a photo before being released as a school was ignited and fed eagerly.  They also landed several more smallmouth bass and a perch or two on this day while enjoying time out together and just having a good old time.  Kirk and his friends will now apply these techniques to their own adventures and we wish them all the best look forward to hearing their success stories.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Grace Assembly of God

The Grace Assembly of God Church Group took a trip north to Lake Wallenpaupack for an outing on the genesis of the autumn season.  Dan, Jack, Nathan, Scott, Jerry, Dominick, Nate, Pat and Austin were faced with ominous skies and chilly temperatures as an unforgiving wind blew in from the west.  The group was lively and filled with hope as they headed out on three boats with a variety of techniques to probe the lake in these cold front conditions.  A tough morning bite picked up slightly after a shore lunch break at the picnic table area by the launch ramp.  The group of nine caught some smallmouth bass, pickerel, and a variety of panfish on the outing while having a great time together.  Jerry has been out several times before with Legends Outdoors and organized this group trip; we would like to thank him for choosing Legends Outdoors for their trip and are glad a good time was had by all.