Saturday, April 20, 2024

Spiderman Mike's Solo Mission

Returning client of "Spiderman" Mike took an April adventure out with Legends Outdoors.  His solo mission had ideal conditions of moderate winds and comfortable temperatures with the water in the upper 40's.  The mix of sun and clouds overhead seen mike use a combo of hardbaits and Keitech Baits in his approach in looking for some "big bites".  He kept it real and stayed with the program on this nice and relaxing day for Mike.  It paid big dividends and he hooked up twice with striped bass.  One time the fish snapped his line when taking a bullish run while the other time Mike landed the fish as seen below.  Mike also caught some smallmouth bass during the outing.  There were plenty of good conversations about rock-n-roll and venison recipies as the main topics.  An all around great day out on Lake Wallenpaupack and we look forward to seeing Mike again in the near future.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tax Day Tango at Lake Wallenpaupack

Brian and his father-in-law Paul took a trip out recently with Legends Outdoors.  These avid anglers have 30 plus years of fishing the lake with living very near it for several decades.  They wanted to delve into more patterns and strategy for fishing this very challenging body of water.  The two men set out on a day with mostly sun and just a tinge of clouds here and there.  The water was in the upper 40's and on the rise with the warmer temperatures recently coming in.  The plan was to use hard baits and Keitech Baits in their approach while searching for the quarry.  Bites were few and far between, but sticking to the plan and showing versatility proved to be a huge key as they were rewarded greatly with some very good quality.  They caught a giant crappie, a smallmouth bass, a pickerel, a couple perch, and a striped bass that put up quite a battle and posed for a photo before being released.  It was a tremendous specimen indeed as it was a personal best striper for the duo and puncuated a day to remember for these anglers!

Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Walleye Whisperer

Dennis and Vinny set out just before Easter for a spring adventure on Lake Wallenpaupack.  These two anglers are no strangers to Legends Outdoors and have been out many times with us.  They were faced with a raw day with frigid air temperatures and water temperatures in the low 40's.  Vinny has a knack for catching walleye when out with us and today would be no different as he caught one yet again!  Aside from that catch the men had a solid day getting around 20 bites that included several hefty smallmouth bass and a nice chain pickerel that joined in the activity.  Dennis brought along some nice chicken salad sanwiches for all which is deeply appreciated and helped keep the energy up for the anglers on this dreary day.  An all around great day for a couple of great friends and we look forward to seeing them back again very soon.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

St. Patrick's Day Paupack Parade

On a day where many parades are going on around the country celebrating the holiday; Jerry, Dan and Lexi were having their own fishing parade on Lake Wallenpapack.  The day would be one to remember for shure as long time Jerry hit it right as things were aligned for a banner day.  The incoming cold front that brought wind, rain, and even a bit of snow along with the bitter temperatures set the tone for the remarkable day.  Fishing almost strictly Keitech Baits, the trio had their day as they caught a solid balance of both game fish and panfish.  They caught almost everything they had hooked and wound up landing two northern pike, a striped bass, two walleye that were 24" & 25", a pickerel that exceeded 24", a crappie, a brook trout, a couple fallfish, a pair of big smallmouth bass, and well in the double digits of perch!  The consistent action helped them fend off the elements along with a few snacks to keep up their energy.  About a dozen of the panfish were harvested for a spring time fish fry meal. With so many days and hours put into this lake, an outing like this for Jerry and his family shows what persistance and dedication can do in any aspects of a sport or life.  Legends Outdoors looks forward to seeing Jerry and his family back again really soon for their next outdoor adventure.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Wallenpaupack Panfish Quest

Jeffrey's maiden voyage on Lake Wallenpaupack would be one to remember as he went solo on a panfish mission.  The day had some overcast to start and then the sun came out and shone brightly for this veteran angler.  The light winds made it much easier to detect the light bites in the low 40's degree water as he used finesse tactics to entice strikes.  Keitech baits were the main bait in use as Jeffrey caught well into the double digits of fish including some hefty perch, a few crappie, and a bonus slammer pickerel that took his offering.  Jeffrey harvest about 15 fish for a nice fish fry and returned all other fish back into the frigid waters.  Many great conversations of hunting and fishing were exchanged during the outing and the sounds of spring were in the air for this March day out on the lake.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Ice-Off Outing

Legends Outdoors regulars of Dennis and Vince were up to the challenge of an early March outing just after ice off. The day was raw and rainy for this duo with light winds and water temps getting up to 44 degrees.  They used a combo of hard baits and Keitech Baits in their approach as they fished about the calm waters of Lake Wallenpaupack.  They had a decent day indeed as they caught one striped bass (also lost one), a few smallmouth bass, crappie, perch and rockbass that also joined the mix of species landed for the day.  They kept up their strength and tried to stay warm with hot tea and tuna fish sandwiches in between their catches.  A great way to start off the open water season, and we look forward to seeing Dennis and Vince back again for another Legends Outdoors adventure.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Curtain Call for Ice-Fishing

Returning clients Charlie and Jack set out on a Pennsylvania waterway for the last day out with the safe ice waning.  Their day was very cold though with temperatures in the teens with wind that approached 15 MPH.  These two are no strangers to either the open water or ice-fishing as they thoroughly enjoy both types of angling.  The day seen constant action for the pair as the tip-ups were going off at a rapid pace as they spent quite a bit of time chasing after flags.  They also had good steady jigging action as well as they caught numerous perch (a few exceeded 12"), sunfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, and pickerel on the day.  They took four of the panfish for harvesting.  They were treated to venison jalapeno franks and beans along with marinated venison backstraps for nourishment during the trip.  They also seen bald eagles soaring overhead in the winter sun making for a great punctuation on a great day out together and capping off the 2024 Legends Outdoors ice-fishing season.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ice-Fishing Fun

The third annual ice-fishing trip for Mike, Alexander and Nikolai seen their party expand by five as Kevin, Aaron, Lina, Marcus and Evelyn joined in for some February fun.  The setting seen 5-6" of good solid ice on this Pennsylvania waterway and blue skies.  The day did have a strong wind topping out at about 15 MPH and air temperatures reaching near 30 degrees.  The group used tip-ups and jigging in their approach on this brisk day.  The action was moderate as the flags and jigging bites were sporadic for the group.  They caught a few pickerel, some perch, a sunfish, and a big bullhead even took their offering.  They group was treated to venison vegetable soup and venison hot dogs to fuel their bodies on this winter day.  They were also treated to seeing bald eagles soaring in the winter winds as they patrolled the area in search for their quarry.  An overall great group trip out on the frozen water of Pennsylvania and we look forward to seeing them back next year for their annual ice-fishing trek.

Thursday, February 8, 2024


Kevin's Crew from the state of Delaware returned to Pennsylvania for their annual ice-fishing outing with Legends Outdoors.  Their biggest group to date set out in early February for some hard-water action.  Just after daybreak the air temps were in the upper 20's with a light wind before the temperatures started climbing and the cloud cover gave way to blue skies.  The group had plenty of tip-up action as early on the flags were popping left and right as schools of veracious roamed the area in search of their quarry.  As the morning wore on, the chain pickerel began to show up in a big way with some hefty ones taking the offerings.  The anglers enjoyed fresh venison sausage on buns prepared by the Legends Outdoors staff along with some fresh venison stew made with many healthy ingredients.  The action waned as the day wore on and the sun shone bright upon the frozen body of water.  The jigging action was slow to moderate as the anglers pulled in a few perch and a bluegill during the outing.  Some perch and pickerel were harvested for future meals and a great time was had by all.  We would like to thank Kevin for organizing the group trip and for the entire crew for coming out with Legends Outdoors for yet another outdoor adventure.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Open Dates for 2024 Northern Swing (Finger Lakes Region)

We have a pair of dates open for the Finger Lakes Region May/June segment this year. Please contact us if you are interested in filling either of these dates to fish the Finger Lakes/Lake Oneida region.

Thursday May 30th 

Tuesday June 4th