Friday, November 25, 2022

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving morning with air temperatures below freezing was the setting for Jim's Susquehanna River adventure.  The air was still without a breeze as Jim was prepared with his Aftco gear for the cold weather as they set out for the day of fishing.  With the recent cold nights and many cold days the water temperature would only be 38-39 on this day which can be very challenging to get bites in the frigid water.  Jim who is a long time client, thoroughly enjoys cold water fishing and relished in the opportunity.  Jim used a variety of approaches as the guides of the rod froze up consistently for about 1 1/2 hours in the morning until the sun came over the ridge.  Slow and methodical with a lot of patience worked for Jim on this day as he would land five nice smallmouth bass and lost a few others while the blue skies shone overhead throughout the adventure.  We at Legends Outdoors would like to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving on this very special holiday.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Wild Bill's Solo Sayonara

Wild Bill was back out on the water at it again for his final adventure of 2022.  His usual fishing buddy Joe couldn't make the journey, so Bill went it alone.  The mission was to go for slab crappies and slab crappies would be caught!  The bitter cold November morning was dead calm as Bill sliced and diced the waters with light line and Keitech Baits.  Bill reared back into big crappie after big crappie during the outing en route to well into the double digits of the ones below with several on the day hovering in the two pound class.  In the mix Bill landed a pickerel on the day.  He enjoyed the autumn sun and his typical Catalano's Hoagie for lunch as Bill never takes one day for granted in the outdoors as he is extremely passionate about it.  The icing on the cake was a pair of soaring eagles that spent quite some time close by as if to observe Bill and his successful day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Transitioning from Bucks to Bronzebacks

Legends Outdoors regular of Steve and his father Steve were back out for another adventure in early November.  These avid hunters took some time away from the woods and spend some time on Lake Wallenpaupack.  They had a chilly morning followed by increasingly warming temperatures.  Steve and Steve mythodically fished this stingy body of water as it wasn't yielding many bites for the veteran anglers.  Although the numbers weren't there, the size was as the few handfulls of smallmouth bass they did catch were solid sized ones as seen below.  We look forward to seeing the father and son duo back again next year and hearing more about their ongoing hunting and fishing adventures.  

Monday, November 14, 2022

Rescheduled Rendezvous

Jim and Maria were scheduled for a trip of golfing and fishing at the Finger Lakes in September, but high winds and rains thwarted their vacation plans.  They rescheduled the fishing section of that trip and went to the Susquehanna River on a chilly October day.  Maria does not fish and just enjoys the day out on the boat while Jim fishes solo.  Jim gave the fish a strict diet of Keitech Baits in his approach on this fall day.  He had a tremendous amount of action as bite after bite occurred for the veteran angler.  Jim would compile 75 fish on the day with almost all being smallmouth bass.  He did catch a largemouth bass also that is not very common at the river, but was a part of his bountiful catch.  Jim and Maria enjoyed the sights and sounds of the river along with some sandwiches and great conversation.  We look forward to seeing Jim and Maria back in 2023 for another outdoor adventure with Legends Outdoors.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Tom's Crew Fall 2022 Version

Tom and his crew have been long time clients and typically go out on a couple trips per year.  This would be their fall trip on a late October day.  They had a mostly cloudy day with some wind and moderate fall temperatures.  They tried both hard baits and Keitech Baits with Keitech Baits drawing the strikes that they had on this day.  The group of four had a great time start to finish as they endulged in cigars, country music, sandwiches and conversations about a multitude of sports.  They did not catch a big quantity of fish, but they had some good sized largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and chain pickerel brought into the pontoon boat for a few photos.  Another great outing for Tom's Crew and we look forward to seeing them back again in 2023 for more Legends Outdoors adventures.

Friday, November 4, 2022


Smoothie was back out for his third adventure of 2022.  Previously he had taken a spring and summer trip before heading out on a brisk autumn day.  He used a combo of hardbaits and Keitech Baits in his approach on the day.  The dead calm and sunny fall day was less than ideal conditions and the tempormental Lake Wallenpaupack dealt Smoothie a very tough hand.  The veteran angler grinded out about 10 bites on the day, but with some good smallmouth bass in the limited opportunities.  Smoothie had a fun day out regardless of the tough day of fishing while enjoying the beautiful fall folliage, some hearty sandwiches and fresh air.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Serene Day on Fall Getaway

Harry and his wife Susan took a Poconos vacation this fall and went out fishing with Legends Outdoors during that stay.  This is their second time out with us and this outing would be anovercast day with a threat of rain the entire time.    This was a nice getaway from their busy schedules to get out and enjoy a vacation with some fresh air and to see the scenic surroundings.  The anglers had a moderately slow day of fishing, but did catch some smallmouth bass and pickerel on Keitech Baits. They had plenty of great conversations about rock n roll and seen plenty of wildlife as they soaked in the sights and sounds of this serene autumn day.  

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Kapsize Crew 2022

The Kapsize Crew is a group of long time friends that gathers annually for a fishing adventure.  For many years now, Legends Outdoors has hosted their trip and 2022 would be no different.  The crew of six this year was a bit different from years past due to a variety of circumstances, but the tradition carried on nonetheless.  The anglers had four days of fishing with a variety of weather patterns.  They utilized two boats each day and played music, enjoyed cigars, beverages, snacks and had a shore lunch consisting of fried fish and Legends Outdoors famous macaroni salad on one of the days.  The conversations during the days ranged from music to sports to family life.  The anglers used a variety of baits in their approach and techniques.  The fishing ranged in the four days from good to rancid as fickle Lake Wallenpauapack threw many curves at the anglers.  They caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pickerel and panfish during the annual trek.  We would like to thank Dennis for setting up the trip and for keeping this tradition going. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

102 + ONE

Legends Outdoors regular Jim was back at it again on an October day with his friend Curtis.  The site for their adventure was the Susquhanna River.  The morning was crisp and chilly with fog for well over an hour before the sun burned the fog off the mighty river.  The pair of work acquainances had an outstanding day as the bites came quite often in the form of fiesty Susquehanna smallmouth bass.  The numbers built up rapidly as fish after fish came into the boat as the crispness of the fall air filled the lungs of these New Jersey anglers.  Curtis then set the hook on a strike and very soon the unmistakable glow of a very long fish emerged and the battle was on!  The muskellunge shook and shivered about trying to throw the hook or cut it with it's razor sharp teeth, but Curtis played the behemoth carefully with the light line as the drag screemed with a harmonic sound.  Eventually the fish tired and Curtis worked the fish towards the net and it was landed after a very long battle!  The fish weighed in at 15.08# and was released carefully back into the river.  What a day it was for this pair anglers as they would end up with 102 smallmouth bass and the musky to round out their catch for the day.  Seen during the trip was plenty of wildlife including a big buck, three doe, waterfowl along the river.  They had some hearty sandwiches, beverages, and plenty of great conversations while amassing these incredible numbers!

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Jody's Big Bronzeback

Jim and Jody headed out on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack recently for a fall outing. Their mid-October day seen blue skies, chilly temperatures, a steady wind and water temps around 60 degrees.  They typically fish the river, but wanted to try out this legendary waterway and were referred to us.  Their approach seen them utilize both Keitech Baits and hard baits.  They action was decent and they had plenty of great conversations about bird hunting and their other fishing adventures.  Jody caught a smallmouth bass in the high 3# class that made her day at that point, but later on she would catch her personal best smallmouth bass that hit the scales right at 5# and posed for a couple nice photos below.  This was one of the top smallmouth bass from Lake Wallenpaupack all-time in well over 20 years of our guide service as this is surely a trophy sized smallmouth bass from this waterway...congrats to Jody.  Overall they caught into the double digits of smallmouth bass and a pickerel thrown in there during their outstanding fall outing.