Thursday, June 30, 2022

Taking the Show North

Durell, Bev and Steve often go out with Legends Outdoors on fishing adventures.  This time around they headed to New York for different opportunities and scenery.  Their day on the pristine waters would be a rainy, cloudy and windy one indeed as a June storm rolled in during the night and into the day.  Right out of the gate on one of their first casts Bev landed a nice rainbow trout to start the day off on a very good note indeed.  This was just the beginning for Bev as she did very well on the day.  They fed the wine country fish a steady diet of Keitech Baits and caught well over 50 fish on the day including Steve's first walleye that he has been hankering to catch for quite some time, a giant crappie, many perch, rockbass, and smallmouth bass to round out this robust day.  The trio had tasty hoagies and good conversations as their rainy day was a very fun one indeed and a trip well worth it for them and we look forward to seeing them back again for their next Legends Outdoors adventure.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Glenn's Annual Family Outing

Glenn and his family made their annual two-day excursion with Legends Outdoors in early June.  The extended weekends consists of dinner and cards in the evenings and plenty of fishing during the days.  As usual there were plenty of stories about a variety of topics and some great conversations during the gathering.  The group headed out in several boats and mostly used Keitech Baits in their approach of the springtime fish.  Both days seen bright blue skies and warm temperatures for the group of anglers.  The species that were caught were by far smallmouth bass as the top fish in quantity.  Also caught were some crappie, perch, bluegill, sunfish, largemouth bass, a fallfish and even a common carp that took the offering and gave quite a battle.  All in all it was an excellent trip in every aspect and we would like to thank Glenn and his family for choosing Legends Outdoors for their annual gathering and we look forward to hosting them back again in 2023 for another outdoor adventure.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Kevin's Crew

Kevin and his crew took an early June adventure out on Lake Wallenpaupack in search for the elusive striped bass.  The five men were all-in on going for these monsters of the deep as they set out on the pontoon boat.  The friends and co-workers meandered about the 5200 acre lake with great anticipation.  There were plenty of stories exchanged and beverages and hoagies were consumed during the adventure.  They had two opportunities on the day and capitalized on both as when those tell-tale strikes occurred it was an epic battle that followed. Drags screaming, rods bending, and extreme excitement about the boat.  They landed a hybrid striper and a pure bred that both posed for group photos.  The blue bird skies, light wind and great weather accompanied the Pennsylvania residents on this journey as a good time was had by all.  We would like to thank Kevin and his crew for making their maiden voyage with us as their mission was a very successful one.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Leo's Father's Day Celebration

Leo was given a Legends Outdoors trip as a Father's Day gift from his daughter Dawn.  Leo was ecstatic to get out for a day on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack and brought along his son-in-law Dennis as well for the day on the pontoon boat.  The trio had a a beautiful late spring day with blue bird skies and warm temperatures.  Dawn had heard about us through word of mouth and wanted to treat her father and a treat it was as they caught many a fish on the day including smallmouth bass, pickerel, rockbass, perch and a largemouth bass thrown into the mix.  They used strictly Keitech Baits and had a banner day, even catching doubles at times.  The sunny and flat day enjoying the sites, sounds, and fresh air together as a family was indeed a wonderful Father's Day celebration for Leo and his family.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Carhartt and the Century Mark

 John and his brother Mark were back at it for a late spring trip as they travelled north for another adventure.  The avid hunters/fishermen got a good night's rest and headed out on an overcast morning with a south wind making for a bit of a chop on the water.  The goal set at the beginning of the day was to catch 100 fish between them.  They also were donning their typical Carhartt Garb as they didn't take long to get into the action as they used a mix of hard baits and soft plastics in their approach.  As the south winds subsided the skies cleared and the sun shone bright for a while before the clouds rolled back in as a thunder storm was projected for mid afternoon.  The anglers stayed at it for a full day catching smallmouth bass, rockbass, perch, a pumpkinseed, and even a rainbow trout as they hit the century mark and called it a day.  They enjoyed the comfortable temperatures, the crystal clear water, tasty hoagies, and great conversation as this duo had an awesome all around day!

Friday, June 17, 2022

Sticking With the Plan

Kevin and his son Mike took their annual trip to Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  Mike likes to look for the big ones and keeps to the plan and doesn't deviate from it.  The father/son duo set out on this overcast and windy day with that mindset.  The baits were set and the waiting game started preparing for the first strike. The men indeed did get the big strikes they were searching for and made the most of them by catching two striped bass, a big walleye, and bonus perch.  They played these big fish carefully and worked the drags with precision in doing so.  They enjoyed snacks and the comfortable temperatures as they spent a wonderful day together pursuing big fish on this scenic waterway.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ideal Outing

Avid outdoorsmen of Tim and his son Patrick were at Lake Wallenpaupack for a day of fishing with Legends Outdoors.  They had calm and overcast conditions with moderate temperatures for their day out together.  They got after it all day and were fervent in their approach.  They used Keitech Baits and light line in their approach on this spring day.  The father/son duo had a banner day catching 40-50 fish including some good quality smallmouth bass, perch, and bluegills.  They enjoyed the sights and scenes of this legendary body of water while having some hearty hoagies and great conversation during the outing.  

Monday, June 13, 2022

Chasin' Crappies

Returning clients of Henry and Yakov were back again in 2022 for their annual panfish excursion.  Boris typically goes along, but couldn't make the trip this year due to a busy schedule.  This father/son duo had a nice moderate spring day with light winds.  The anglers used strictly Keitech Baits and light line tactics.  They hit it just right as they got into around 40 fish as the action was very good as they caught many nice crappie with these finesse tactics.  They also picked up a largemouth bass, pickerel and some perch mixed in between these slab crappies.  Henry harvested the crappies for some fried fish meals for the family.  A beautiful day out in nature for Henry and Yakov with excellent fishing.  Henry will be returning in July and we look forward to seeing him for his next Legends Outdoors adventure.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Heat Wave Hoopla

Jay and his family have been faithfully coming for a trip to Lake Wallenpaupack since 2014.  This year they returned for another adventure on a hot and sweltering day.  The goal was to start out with live bait for striped bass and then move on to casting Keitech Baits about.  The group of five were picked up at the dock where they were staying and they headed out on their mission.  The baits were set as the men waited with anticipation.  It didn't take all that long before the tell tale strike occurred and the battle was on!  Back and forth the battle went before the striped bass was netted and posed for a group photo.  With no more hookups from stripers, they went to casting about.  The action would be good for the group as there were plenty of bites on this spring day.  This was the first major heat wave as it reached into the 90's and the use of the canopy on the pontoon boat was critical to keep cool.  They enjoyed cold drinks and ham & cheese on potato rolls for their lunches as they fished about this legendary waterway.  They caught several smallmouth bass, pickerel, bluegill, perch, rockbass, and even a big channel catfish that took one of their offerings.  This annual trip was another highly successful one for Jay and his family and we look forward to seeing them back again next year for this annual trek.