Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Summer Fun for Four

Dennis, Vinny, Mike and Jeff were back out again with Legends Outdoors for another adventure.  They had a very hot and calm day as the weather for their outing.  The quartet used both live bait and Keitech Baits in their approach and had good success.  They caught smallmouth bass, pickerel, crappies, and perch on the day.  They harvested several perch for fish meals.  Dennis was kind enough to bring a good hearty lunch for the entire boat which was rather kind of him and deeply appreciated.  Plenty of laughs and great conversations had during the day in between the catches.  We look forward to seeing Dennis and his crew back again in the near future for their next outdoor adventure.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Independence Day Delight

Kate and her family went out for a 4th of July fishing expedition on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  This was a Happy 70th Birthday voyage for her father as three generations set sail on this holiday morning.  Needing two pontoon boats, Mike Salamon Guide Service helped out by captaining one of them on this family outing.  The group used a combination of live bait and Keitech Baits on this hazy day to try and entice strikes.  Each boat would land a striped bass as well as the entire group catching smallmouth bass, perch, bluegill, and some other panfish mixed in.  There were tasty sandwiches, snacks and beverages consumed during the day as well as plenty of great conversations about fishing, music, baseball, etc.  What a great way to celebrate a birthday to have your family with you fishing and enjoying the outdoors!  

Friday, July 12, 2024

There's Nothing Like a Good Neighbor

Frank along with his son, their neighbor Dave and his two sons went out for a summer day of fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The five anglers had a calm day with high blue skies and some wispy clouds above.  The hot day seen the anglers use live bait to try and entice strikes from the the depths of this scenic waterway.  The group had decent action and caught smallmouth bass and perch on the day.  They harvested several perch for a future fish fry along with even taking a swim on this hot day.  The group also had a variety of snacks and plenty of laughter between catches.  A great way for a pair of fathers to spend time with their sons as a good time was had by all.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Jovial July Jaunt

John along with son Sean and grandson MJ recently went out for another fishing adventure with Legends Outdoors.  This time it would be in early July on a comfortable day very little wind.  They got an early start and the three of them fished a variety of plastics and hard baits in pursuit of their quarry.  The day was tranquill and serene with plenty of bird and wildlife activity about the lake.  Despite the very warm water temperatures, the trio of anglers had excellent action on their outing catching largemouth bass, pickerel, and several panfish in the mix during the day.  Plenty of great stories about hunting, baseball, fishing and many other Pennsylvania realated topics were shared on the outing.  We would like the thank John for organizing the trip again and we look forward to hosting this family again for another Legends Outdoors adventure.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Wallenpaupack Triple Crown

Debbie got a Legends Outdoors trip as a gift for her husband Jack for his 60th birthday.  The journey consisted of Debbie, Jack, their son Josh and friend Dennis.  They had an ideal calm and sunny day with comfortable temperatures in late June.  Their approach was a heavy diet of live bait with a little bit of Keitech Baits mixed in.  The day would unfold in quite a spectacular way as the big bites were brewing for this quartet of anglers.  They would catch several smallmouth bass, several perch, and the rare "Triple Crown" of Lake Wallenpaupack consisting of a striped bass, walleye, and northern pike all in one day.  The walleye measured a tad over 30" and all three of those were released back into the waters.  Some of the perch were harvested for fish meals.  The group had plenty of great conversations and shared in food and drink aboard the pontoon boat while celebrating Jack's birthday.  We at Legends Outdoors would like to wish Jack a very happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Paul's Crew

Paul's crew was back out for another trip with Legends Outdoors for a day on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The returning clients share the common interest in karate and keep in touch to do group outings such as this day on the scenic waterway.  Using live bait the group had one opportunity for a striped bass that spooled the entire reel of line leaving the thought of all as....oh what could have been as no doubt it was a giant.  They would land some nice smallmouth bass, a pickerel, and severl perch during the day as a great time was had by all.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

A Monster Morning for Mike

Returning client Mike went out on a solo mission on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack on a chilly morning.  What would ensue next would be a memorable day indeed!  It started right away with a bald eagle soaring overhead kicking off the day, then a flurry of striped bass hits coming fast and furious.  Mike would battle and land five of the six opportunities for stripers and for anyone who ever caught or hooked one of know what type of battle you are in for when one of these is on the line.  Mike would also catch a 4# 6 oz. smallmouth bass on the day along with perch, bluegill, a pickerel, and a few other fish.  Mike was catching them on live bait and Keitech Baits as the game plan was coming to a fruition big time for this veteran angler.  All fish were released alive back into the lake. Mike had sandwiches and ice tea while seeing quite a bit of wild life on this day along with enjoying the fresh air during his outing.  We look forward to seeing Mike back again for his next Legends Outdoors adventure.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Matt & Carl 2024

Matt and Carl were back in Pennsylvania for their annual week of fishing with Legends Outdoors.  This year they chose June as their month for fishing in northeast PA for the five days and it involved an intense heat wave.  They had bright sun on all five days and not much wind to relieve them of the heat.  The days on the pontoon boat with the canopy were a nice relief and getting early starts were a big help also.  The father/son duo used both artificial baits and live bait on their outings resulting in quite an array of fish species catching.  The pinnacle of those would be an 18# 6 oz. striped bass that gave quite a battle for a long time before being netted for a photo before being returned to the lake.  They also caught a northern pike, and several pickerel, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, perch, crappie, rockbass, and sunfish during the week.  They were treated to a shore lunch one one of the days as shown below consisting of fried fish and some of Legends Outdoors salads along with snacks and dessert.  They also seen quite a variety of wildlife while on their adventure adding to the total outdoor experience.  We would like to thank Matt and Carl for their continued loyalty and look forward to seeing them back in 2025 for another week of fishing adventures.