Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Friday Night Foray

Dan who has fished Lake Wallenpaupack for many years since he was a child also has a place at the lake and wanted to learn some new techniques.  He brought along Dave and took a night trip out with Legends Outdoors.  These two veteran anglers started just before dark and they had cool and calm weather with a brief shower during the trip to contend with.  They quickly got into the action and had quite a bit of it during the night.  It was a day of much success, but also much heartbreak as they landed two striped bass with one being a hybrid, one walleye, several monster smallmouth bass and even a pickerel.  They also lost a big walleye, a nice striper broke a line and a few other stripers missed the bait and there it get some and some get you.  With the quality they caught, the other opportunities along with the application of new techniques and great conversation, this was an overall great trip for this duo.  We look forward to hearing some success stories from Dan and Dave on their adventures out on Lake Wallenpaupack and hope to see them back on the water soon.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Dan and Tom Hit Wallenpaupack Trifecta

Returning client Dan brought along his friend Tom for a trip on Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  A very early start before sunrise was on the slate for this outing.  Calm waters early and an increasing wind with a crispness in the air was the sign of a minor cold front that faced this duo.  The first bite came early at around the 6:00 hour when a big walleye struck, was battled and landed starting the day off in a good way.  Confidence was high at this point before another fish hit and a slammer 15" perch was brought on board.  After moving about for a few more hours searching for their quarry another bone jarring strike occurred and Tom was into a solid fish on the end of his line.  After a long fought battle a brown trout that was over 8# was netted and brought aboard.  It was an exciting moment and anyone who knows the three most coveted fish of Lake Wallenpaupack is the walleye, brown trout and striped bass and the striper would be all they needed to catch the big three of Wayne County.  Moments later after the trout was landed another bite with high impact occurred and Dan set the hook into a solid fish.  A drag screaming skirmish would then take place between Dan and the unknown fish before it was played out into the net and a 12# striper was landed completing the trifecta.  After a few photos the winds continued to increase making it very difficult to present the offerings effectively and that would be the end of their opportunities for the day.  Dan and Tom had a great time and we look forward to seeing these friends back again for another outing.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The "Eyes" Have It

Returning clients Walter and his friend Don were out last fall with Legends Outdoor and wanted to do a spring trip this year so they took a venture to a New York body of water in early May.  A nice sunny day with a slight chop greeted these long time friends who have done quite a bit of fishing in their day both salt and fresh water.  This duo would hit it right as the good amount of bites they had today on Keitech Baits were of very good quality from walleyes to smallmouth bass to crappie.  They caught four walleye today which were all released alive and three of them were hefty specimens as shown on the photos below.  They also picked up a bakers dozen of slab crappies which were harvested for future meals.  The few bronzebacks they did catch were really nice ones that fought valiantly on light tackle for these veteran anglers.   For good measure they even mustered up a few white perch on the day.  These guys had plenty of laughs and excitement on this day as they soaked up the sun and had some nice sandwiches during the outing.  It was an absolutely outstanding day of fishing for Don and Walter and we at Legends Outdoors are very happy to see satisfied clients such as this and we hope to see them back again for another on-the-water adventure in the near future.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Can't Get Enough

Carlos and his friend Billy returned yet again to Wayne County to fish Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors as the allure of the potential that swims in these waters and their past success fuels their passion for fishing this scenic waterway.  This time they arrived at the end of April on a bright and sunny day with very little wind.  They perforated the water with Keitech Baits and picked up a good variety of fish on this day.  They took some time to go looking for stripers without any hookups and then returned to their other tactics that was producing a phenomenal amount of action.  They took a break to have some awesome sandwiches and reflect on their day at that point before getting back at it.  Puffy white clouds did make their way overhead during the day and the wind did pick up before trips end as these two friend amassed three dozen smallmouth bass with one eclipsing well over the 4# mark on the scale and twice during the day they recorded doubles.  They also caught a few pickerel, a few hefty crappie, and a rainbow trout that made its way into the lake no doubt from trout stocking in the feeder creeks.  Just an all around great day for this duo and we look forward to seeing them again for another Legends Outdoors adventure. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hybrid Heaven

Returning client Rocky brought along his friend Al for a Legends Outdoors trip to pursue stripers.  These two guys are avid hunters and fishermen and were planning on going turkey hunting the following morning making it a fins then feathers trip.  They were 100% committed to pursuing stripers and stuck with it in a cold and damp day with continuous rain the entire outing.  Cast after cast amidst the rain drops peeled off their reels and through the guides as they traversed the lake.  Once they hooked the first one and felt the lightning type strike, they became oblivious of the drenching that they were getting as the skies continued to open up. This duo had an extremely good day with ten stripers in all hooked!  They wound up landing six rod buckling beauties, which four of them were hybrids.  They lost the other four, but that is commonplace with how ferocious these awesome specimens fight.  Their goal was filled by far as they had an overall great day and are looking forward to trying it again next year.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Men on a Mission

On a Friday night when many people are thinking about going out on the town, Mike from Scranton and Kevin from Clarks Summit were on a walleye mission on lake Wallenpaupack.  Conditions were less than ideal as the winds were howling with 15 sustained and gusts to 35 making it very challenging to function in low light conditions. First spot in semi sheltered water they landed a really nice 13# Striper that set the tone for the night. At that point anticipation was high for a superb night of fishing. After running to a couple more spots, the pair landed there first walleye of their evening. Then without warning another Walleye hit right at the boat and excitement was high and the adrenaline was flowing. Continuing to battle the persistent wind, Kevin landed another massive Striper that weighed in at a whopping 18.24#! The wind then shifted 180 degrees after a few sprinkles of rain and the and warm humid air changed to cool and damp. The last hour of fishing produced an additional two walleyes totaling their catch of walleyes to four and all really nice sized fish in the 4# class.  It was quite a successful night for this duo as they accomplished what they set out to do with Legends Outdoors.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sibling Striper Success

Local avid anglers and hunters Damon and his brother Andrew were chomping at the bit to catch a striper on Lake Wallenpaupack.  They dialed up Legends Outdoors and wend out for a late April outing.  A brisk day with clouds then turning sunny and windy made for some diverse conditions for this duo as they went on their striper mission.  Legends Outdoors with 25 plus years experience took them about the lake searching for that opportunity for this elusive fish and getting a bite here and a bite there is about par for the course as this type of fishing can test the mettle of an angler.  They really enjoyed the journey and had plenty of laughs and smiles as they hooked up several times landing one solid hybrid striped bass after a long battle, lost a couple other stripers after drag peeling give and take, and also grabbed some slab smallmouth bass in the mix.  An overall very successful trip for these men and we look forward to seeing them back again for another Legends Outdoors adventure.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Heading South

Binghamton, N.Y. residents Jason and his wife are avid anglers who like to get out when the opportunity arises.  Between working at their jobs and tending to their children, fishing takes a back seat to these more important life events.  This day would be their day to get out though as they traveled south to fish Lake Wallenpaupack which they heard about but were never on.  They were confronted with chilly temperatures in both the air and water when they arrived at this pristine Wayne County gem.  The day seen little to no clouds as they patrolled the waters offering up a variety of Keitech Baits at the fish.  They had a wonderful time out enjoying the sun on their shoulders, having an awesome lunch, and catching some nice smallmouth bass and panfish on their outing.  We hope this couple had a nice trip to the Lake Wallenpaupack area and look forward to seeing them again very soon for another adventure with Legends Outdoors.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

In the "Nick" of Time

Over and over again we hear the phrase "Timing is Everything", and that was precisely the case for returning clients Nick and his son Nick.  The water had a surge in temperature after several nice days and the stripers were getting in the mood for some heavy feeding.  The time was right not only for the time of year but the time of day as a very early start in the fog set the tone for the day as on his third cast Nick Sr. hooked into his long awaited goal of getting a striper at Lake Wallenpaupack.  The battle was on and as he carefully played into the net a 9.54# was landed and posed for a nice photo.  Not long afterwards another striper was hooked up and another battle was on and Nick Jr. landed an 11.15# striper to continue the momentum. A few slammer smallmouths were landed, a pickerel and a nice largemouth spit the bait as a flurry of early morning activity was on.  Just as the fog burned off, Nick Sr. hooked into another solid striper that made the drag scream and he fought the fish very carefully as they have much strength and temperment that can break a line at any second.  When it was in the net and weighed it would be a 11.17# fish to cap off the striper action for the day.  The sun then came out strong and a blue sky shone overhead shutting the bite down as if a light switch was tuned off, but they did manage to catch another nice smallmouth before wrapping up their day on Lake Wallenpaupack after enjoying some hoagies, beverages, and many laughs. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Back at the Pack

Mike who has a place on Lake Wallenpaupack and who has been out twice already this year with Legends Outdoors put in another day trying to fine tune seasonal patterns on this scenic Wayne County waterway.  He drove in from New Jersey where he resides and did a solo mission on a cold day with blue bird skies.  Mike did a late morning start and fished towards evening as the calm waters that he started fishing in quickly shifted to some choppy water as the wind picked up during the day.  Some nice sandwiches and beverages were enjoyed during the day and Legends Outdoors even brought along the filleted panfish and pickled pickerel that Mike caught on a previous trip all prepared for Mike to consume at a later date.  This was a good day for quality as Mike caught between 10-12 nice smallmouth bass and one hefty striped bass that was quite a battle taking drag while making grueling runs that weighed in the high 13# range when it was put on the scale.  Just before the end of the trip when Mike caught his last smallmouth bass, cigars were lit up and smoked to put an exclamation point on a wonderful trip.