Saturday, July 6, 2024

Wallenpaupack Triple Crown

Debbie got a Legends Outdoors trip as a gift for her husband Jack for his 60th birthday.  The journey consisted of Debbie, Jack, their son Josh and friend Dennis.  They had an ideal calm and sunny day with comfortable temperatures in late June.  Their approach was a heavy diet of live bait with a little bit of Keitech Baits mixed in.  The day would unfold in quite a spectacular way as the big bites were brewing for this quartet of anglers.  They would catch several smallmouth bass, several perch, and the rare "Triple Crown" of Lake Wallenpaupack consisting of a striped bass, walleye, and northern pike all in one day.  The walleye measured a tad over 30" and all three of those were released back into the waters.  Some of the perch were harvested for fish meals.  The group had plenty of great conversations and shared in food and drink aboard the pontoon boat while celebrating Jack's birthday.  We at Legends Outdoors would like to wish Jack a very happy birthday!