Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Jovial July Jaunt

John along with son Sean and grandson MJ recently went out for another fishing adventure with Legends Outdoors.  This time it would be in early July on a comfortable day very little wind.  They got an early start and the three of them fished a variety of plastics and hard baits in pursuit of their quarry.  The day was tranquill and serene with plenty of bird and wildlife activity about the lake.  Despite the very warm water temperatures, the trio of anglers had excellent action on their outing catching largemouth bass, pickerel, and several panfish in the mix during the day.  Plenty of great stories about hunting, baseball, fishing and many other Pennsylvania realated topics were shared on the outing.  We would like the thank John for organizing the trip again and we look forward to hosting this family again for another Legends Outdoors adventure.