Sunday, November 12, 2023

Rick's Autumn Odyssey

Rick, no stranger to Legends Outdoors came out for a double header of November fishing.  Day one was in Pennsylvania and day two was in New York.  Day one was a combo of deep water finesse fishing and shallow power fishing for the veteran angler.  He managed to grind out about eight bites and caught smallmouth bass and pickerel on day one.  The water temps were in the upper 40's at both bodies of water and a chill was in the air as these fall days reminded us that winter was approaching rapidly.  Day number two was a panfish quest as where Rick used light line and Keitech Baits in his approach.  He caught well in the 30's of fish including some massive crappies that some reached near the 15" range as well as some perch, pickerel, and largemouth bass in the mix.  Snacks and warm coffee kept Rick going as well as sheer determination on his November quest and we look forward to seeing him back again in 2024 for some more outdoor adventures.