Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Cold Front Challenge

Curtis and Jim headed out recently on the Susquehanna River for some Mid-November fishing.  Their day had mostly cloudy skies to start followed by clearing skies and a stiff wind.  The air temperatures got into the high 40's while the water temperature was a frigid 44.6 degrees dropping over four degrees from just a few days ago.  Dealing with the cold front conditions, Jim and Curtis bundled up at the behest of this fall day and set out on the river.  The bite was moderate at best as the fish needed coaxing from a variety of baits and colors to commit to biting.  They rummaged up 15 smallmouth bass while missing out on a few other opportunities including a big walleye that pulled free.  Getting out in the outdoors away from their busy work schedules and having a great time together was just what Jim and Curtis needed and enjoyed their day in its entirety.