Saturday, October 29, 2022

Kapsize Crew 2022

The Kapsize Crew is a group of long time friends that gathers annually for a fishing adventure.  For many years now, Legends Outdoors has hosted their trip and 2022 would be no different.  The crew of six this year was a bit different from years past due to a variety of circumstances, but the tradition carried on nonetheless.  The anglers had four days of fishing with a variety of weather patterns.  They utilized two boats each day and played music, enjoyed cigars, beverages, snacks and had a shore lunch consisting of fried fish and Legends Outdoors famous macaroni salad on one of the days.  The conversations during the days ranged from music to sports to family life.  The anglers used a variety of baits in their approach and techniques.  The fishing ranged in the four days from good to rancid as fickle Lake Wallenpauapack threw many curves at the anglers.  They caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pickerel and panfish during the annual trek.  We would like to thank Dennis for setting up the trip and for keeping this tradition going.