Wednesday, October 26, 2022

102 + ONE

Legends Outdoors regular Jim was back at it again on an October day with his friend Curtis.  The site for their adventure was the Susquhanna River.  The morning was crisp and chilly with fog for well over an hour before the sun burned the fog off the mighty river.  The pair of work acquainances had an outstanding day as the bites came quite often in the form of fiesty Susquehanna smallmouth bass.  The numbers built up rapidly as fish after fish came into the boat as the crispness of the fall air filled the lungs of these New Jersey anglers.  Curtis then set the hook on a strike and very soon the unmistakable glow of a very long fish emerged and the battle was on!  The muskellunge shook and shivered about trying to throw the hook or cut it with it's razor sharp teeth, but Curtis played the behemoth carefully with the light line as the drag screemed with a harmonic sound.  Eventually the fish tired and Curtis worked the fish towards the net and it was landed after a very long battle!  The fish weighed in at 15.08# and was released carefully back into the river.  What a day it was for this pair anglers as they would end up with 102 smallmouth bass and the musky to round out their catch for the day.  Seen during the trip was plenty of wildlife including a big buck, three doe, waterfowl along the river.  They had some hearty sandwiches, beverages, and plenty of great conversations while amassing these incredible numbers!