Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Great Day at the Pack

A late June Monday seen three good friends went about Lake Wallenpaupack under a canopy of grey clouds.  Tink, Spiderman, and Squirrel had an ideal summer day with light winds, mostly overcast skies, and a bit of drizzle.  This trio used a combo of topwaters and Keitech Baits in their approach.  There were many beverages on board and stories about hunting and rock n' roll that were exchanged during the outing.  What a banner day they would have as Squirrel's first time out with Legends Outdoors would be a memorable one indeed!  They caught two hard fighting striped bass that were very formidable, several good quality smallmouth bass along with pickerel and perch that rounded out a hearty catch!  An all around great summer outing indeed!