Thursday, June 2, 2022

Big Bait Trip 2022

 Alex has annually taken a "Big Bait" trip, and 2022 would be no different.  He disciplines himself to throw no bait under 4" in length and strictly adheres to it.  This year he brought along Scott for the adventure which he did not partake in the parameter restrictions as did Alex.  It would be an adventure north on three different bodies of water.  Day number one,  Alex and Scott day one of their trip, the two anglers were greeted to blue skies and and water temperature that was 52 to low 60s.  Lake was very clear and the wind started with a Southeast direction and turned more to the South and became light.  They caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rockbass, perch and even bluegill. They had a few musky follow their bait but no takers. Scott caught a 4.83# largemouth during this day as they had a great day of both action and size. Sandwiches and beverages were consumed on the lake and they seen a good variety of wildlife.  After getting a nice dinner and a good night's sleep the duo headed to their day two destination. The water temperature was 51 to 62 depending on time and location of the lake. Watercolor was extremely clear. The day was very sunny with only a few clouds in the sky. Wind was out of the south as light and variable. On their second stop of the day, Alex would hook into and battle out what would be a 5.64# smallmouth which would be a personal best for the avid angler. He also caught three other big ones and several perch and rockbass during the day. Scott caught numerous perch and rockbass. Tasty sandwiches were made on board a and some with beverages were imbibed.  A decent day for overall numbers of fish and some big smallmouths. The anglers enjoyed another quality dinner and rested up for their final day.  Day number three rolled around and a third location.  The water temberature was 66-72 with a light wind out of the east/southeast.  Storms were expected to roll in on this day, but didn't hit until after the anglers were on their way home.  The fish were finicky and spawning carp were by the droves along the shores.  They bounced about to several locations to work up a pickerel, some largemouth bass, several rockbass, and even a giant pumpkinseed to round out the catches.  They lost a few nice fish today, but overall had another good day of fishing.  They once again enjoyed tasty sandwiches, beverages and great conversation.  Alex stuck to the "Big Bait" mantra and never waivered and was rewarded greatly for his steadfastness.  An overall great trip father/son trip that will be reflected on for many years to come.