Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Late Season Rewards

When the days are short and the water is cold is when you will find long time client Smoothie roaming Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  The weather was harsh with air temperatures in the 30’s along with some rain and a breeze accompanying it.  Smoothie has been a Legends Outdoors client for well over 20 years and raw days such as this do not deter this veteran angler in the least.  Smoothie alternated hard baits and Keitech Baits in the water that was in the 40’s and fished with an unbridled focus.  The bites would be few and far between, but the quality would be there when he got a strike.  As seen below Smoothie hooked into a striped bass that right away started powerful runs to try and free itself without success as the angler used the rod and drag to perfection playing out such a strong fish.  Eventually Smoothie tired it out and it was netted for a photo before going back into the chilled waters of Smoothie’s favorite lake.  Also caught were some really nice smallmouth bass as well as some dink largemouth bass on the day with these tactics of choice.  For nourishment he had some Legendary sandwiches prepared for his final adventure of 2021.  Seen along the shore were also some deer that made their way to the water’s edge for a drink and to gander out what was going on at the lake on this quiet fall day.  An overall great day once again for Smoothie and we look forward to seeing him back again in 2022 for more adventures including his annual Good Friday outing.