Sunday, December 19, 2021

Crappies, Coleslaw, and a Cold Morning

Chef Dave along with wife Chrissy and son Jax were out in November on a cold day for some fall fishing.  The morning was in the 30's with no wind at all!  Quiet and cold on this seemingly deserted lake.  Jax is getting to the age where he is really taking a big interest in fishing and likes to assist in catching some of the fish.  Used was Keitech Baits on light line to try to entice strikes from the cold water crappies that swim beneath.  Entice they did as the action was virtually non stop on this day!  Strike after strike came about and the rods were bent throughout the outing.  Slab crappie after slab crappie were caught as well as a few bruiser smallmouth bass that were mixed in.  The smallmouth bass were all let go while about 30-40 crappies were harvested as Dave really enjoys preparing these tasty freshwater panfish for a fish fry.  All in all around 100 fish were caught on the day as it was just incredible fishing.  To top it all off, chef prepared lobster salad sandwiches, pineapple coleslaw, and cherry stuffed peppered chicken parmesan Florentine for a remarkable lunch for the entire boat. An absolute delight as chef Dave is an amazing chef and very generous preparing tasty dishes such as this for the Legends Outdoors crew and we would like to thank him for always keeping us in mind.  Overall this was an amazing day and a great way to wind down the 2021 open water adventures.