Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Saving the Best for Last

Long time client, Joe never ice-fished before...so he wanted to give it a try this winter and came in from New Jersey with his friend Wade for some hard water action.  They had an absolute beautiful day to fish as it got up into the 40's with a pleasant slight breeze and a sky that started sunny then moved to cloudy.  They quickly learned the ropes of the tip-ups and jigging and had at it for a good long day.   While enjoying their time out together and fishing, they also were treated to freshly cooked venison jalapeno hot dogs and venison back straps that had the outdoor air filled with an inviting aroma.  The anglers enjoyed excellent action throughout the day as they jigged up a good mess of perch and bluegills that were filleted for future meals and also some really hefty smallmouth bass that were all released back into the water.  Just before the trip was wrapping up, another flag went off and Wade settled in over the hole wondering what had taken the bait below the 10+ inches of ice on Lake Wallenpaupack as the spool was spinning rapidly.  After he set the hook and battled the brown beast, a very colorful trout came up through the hole and onto the ice for the lunker of the day.  What an ending to an awesome trip and what a day to have on their maiden voyage ice-fishing!  We want to send a shout out to Joe, as we inadvertently omitted a November trip he did on a very frigid day and caught some really nice smallmouth bass with while fishing Lake Wallenpaupack and we look forward to seeing him again in the open water and hopefully Wade can made the trip again with him for another adventure out with Legends Outdoors.

Retro November Photo: