Sunday, January 21, 2018

January Jubilation

Jay and Mike are annual clients many times over with Legends Outdoors.  They decided to hit the hard water this year to kick things off for their season and brought along Jay's son Alex for his first ice-fishing experience.  It was quite balmy compared to the recent cold snap we have had in NE Pennsylvania as it was in the 30's with a mix of sun and overcast skies during the trip.  As the anglers set out on the 12+ inches of ice and got set up for jigging the flags would start popping and consistently did so all day.  Hustling with anticipation for every strike on the tip-ups kept the heart racing and blood moving.  In between all the running around, Alex was educated on jigging and his first fish withing a minute of starting to jig by himself he caught a nice largemouth bass.  Wow, what a start for this youngster!  The three generations caught many fish jigging and also on the flags as they hauled in a variety of fish including bluegill, sunfish, perch, pickerel, and largemouth bass.  The anglers enjoyed venison sausage and backstraps freshly cooked on the grill during the outing while the smiles kept on coming with all of their success an family enjoyment they were having.  The day was punctuated in the afternoon when one of the flags went off and when the hook was set, Jay knew he had hooked into something with some hefty shoulders and as he carefully worked the fish to and through the hole out popped a whopping 23" largemouth bass that was weighed in at just a tad over 5# that had brilliant green colors in the cold water as it posed for a picture before it was released along with all of the other fish the anglers caught today.  The wildlife, fresh air, food, fishing and family atmosphere totally made for a complete outdoor experience for Jay, Mike and Alex!