Sunday, June 23, 2024

Trying to Match the Hatch

Jim and Maria were back out with Legends Outdoors for another June adventure in New York State.  This year day #1 seen Jim along with sons Matt and John head out for a brisk day with persistent NW winds and overcast skies for their day out on the water.  The two sons just came from a day of fly fishing which the love to do on the river to spend a day on the lake with their father.  The three men had outstanding action as a mix of Keitech Baits and hardbaits were the main diet for the fish on this outing.  The morning was the best period of the day while it slowed a tad towards the end of the day, but the counter was burning hot as the smallmouth bass and rockbass were the main players in route to a 192 fish day!  They had some tasty sandwiches and shared in many stories of fishing and conversations of Phillies baseball during the day.  Day #2 was overcast and very calm as Jim fished solo while Maria rode along and did some sight seeing on the water and took some photos.  This day would prove much tougher as a strong mayfly hatch developed towards the end of the day yesterday and was very pronounced today causing the fish to hone in on these insects making in much more difficult to entice a strike.  It is quite a phenomenon to see so many species dial in on one type of foriage and be so reluctant to feed on anything else.  Jim fished in the cool air temps and misty rain and managed well over 40 fish on the day including smallmouth bass, perch, and rockbass.  All in all a great trip for Jim and his family and we look forward to seeing them back again in the fall for their next Legends Outdoors adventure.