Friday, June 14, 2024

Big Bait Trip (Sort of) 2024

 Alex and Scott set out on their annual "Big Bait Trip" to New York for three days of fishing fun.  Alex typically sticks to his self-regulated rule of all baits need be a minimun of 4" in length for the entire three days, but he did break down and throw some micro baits for panfish off and on.  It would be three different bodies of water with day one being bright blue skies, wind and a cold front that rolled in recently making the bite oh so tough. Alex was also not feeling too well on this day and missed out on some fishing time, but did get some fishing in as they caught several largemouth bass on that day.  Day two was still very chilly and blue skies with much less wind as they fished another body of water.  They would catch some smallmouth bass and a whole lot of rockbass and perch on that day out on the water.  Day number three was overcast with calm waters and much warmer air temperatures.  It took some time, but the father/son duo persevered and had a really good day catching smallmouth bass, smallmouth bass and an assortment of panfish.  They packed tasty sanwiches for all three days, cold beverages, shared in plenty of stories and music conversations during their trip.  Scott and Alex had a great time and we look forward to hosting their 2025 annual adventure.