Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Banner Days

 Jerry and his two friends went north to New York for two days of fishing in early June.  The results would be outstanding as the three men had one day exceeding 100 fish with then other nearing it.  The trip looked bleak with the main guide boat being out for repair, but Legends Outdoors had a backup boat in the "Chic Magnet" that proved to be more than worthy of handling the situation for the two days.  A big thanks to John and Glenn for keeping this vintage boat around for many years and to see it sailing yet once again.  The both days the waters were calm for the anglers with one day being overcast and the other very sunny.  These days came after a few windy cold front days passed through.  They caught perch, smallmouth bass, rockbass and a nice largemouth bass thrown in there for good measure.  Keitech Baits were a big player for the trio and they kept several panfish for fish meals including cooking some over open coals between days one and two in the evening as shown in the photo below.  We would like to thank Jerry for providing hoagies for the boat during the trip and for organizing the outing as we look forward to seeing him and his group back again in the near future.