Monday, May 27, 2024

Collin's Solo Safari

While many use binoculars and cameras when they go on safari, Collin uses the rod and reel when looking for a tiger (musky) that is.  On an abbreviated day he set out with this goal in mind.  After catching a few other species early on at the first stop, he made good right after they got to their second area on his one opportunity as he hooked into what would be a very nice tiger musky indeed.  The fish was very powerful as it made several runs and even broke water later in the battle before the young angler coerced the hefty specimen into the net.  It was quite an experience for Collin as he posed with this 11.33# musky before returning it to the water.  Mission accomplished early on in the outing!  He would add some smallmouth bass and largemouth bass along with some panfish to round out the day before finishing the adventure.