Sunday, April 28, 2024

Cold Front Challenge

Legends Outdoors regulars of Jim and Curtis were back out for their first adventure of 2024.  Their late day out in April would be very challenging text book cold front conditions; high blue skies and a frosty morning with air temps in the upper 30's.  A later start was the strategy to let the waters warm up a bit under the warm spring sun.  The duo had decent action throughout the day with plenty of opportunities.  The offerings would be a high diet of Keitech Baits along with some other hard baits mixed in.  They would catch a few really nice smallmouth bass, a northern pike, a few other smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and several panfish that rounded out the catch.  They enjoyed some sandwiches and snacks along with great converstations about trips of the past, the NFL draft, work, and restaurants during the outing as they had a great time out together on this sunny spring day.  We look forward to seeing Jim and Curtis back later in the year for their next Legends Outdoors adventure.