Thursday, March 21, 2024

St. Patrick's Day Paupack Parade

On a day where many parades are going on around the country celebrating the holiday; Jerry, Dan and Lexi were having their own fishing parade on Lake Wallenpapack.  The day would be one to remember for shure as long time Jerry hit it right as things were aligned for a banner day.  The incoming cold front that brought wind, rain, and even a bit of snow along with the bitter temperatures set the tone for the remarkable day.  Fishing almost strictly Keitech Baits, the trio had their day as they caught a solid balance of both game fish and panfish.  They caught almost everything they had hooked and wound up landing two northern pike, a striped bass, two walleye that were 24" & 25", a pickerel that exceeded 24", a crappie, a brook trout, a couple fallfish, a pair of big smallmouth bass, and well in the double digits of perch!  The consistent action helped them fend off the elements along with a few snacks to keep up their energy.  About a dozen of the panfish were harvested for a spring time fish fry meal. With so many days and hours put into this lake, an outing like this for Jerry and his family shows what persistance and dedication can do in any aspects of a sport or life.  Legends Outdoors looks forward to seeing Jerry and his family back again really soon for their next outdoor adventure.