Sunday, October 22, 2023

Matt & Carl 2023

Matt and Carl visit Pennsylvania from their home state of Virginia annually at Lake Wallenpaupack.  October of 2023 would be no different as they fished this legendary lake for five days straight.  All of their days were aboard the pontoon boat fishing in a variety of manners.  They used live bait, Keitech Baits, and hard baits in their approach on their adventures.  They had anywere from fog and clouds to bright blue skies and wind in the span.  Most of the days were chilly and gloves and knitted hats made it much more comfortable.  Each day had its own identity as different weather patterns and wind directions told the tale as the fish were in a variety of moods.  The father and son duo caught several smallmouth bass (two that exceeded 4 pounds,weighed and released), largemouth bass (one that was 5# 1oz. and also posed for a photo before being released), pickerel, perch, other panfish, and two striped bass that were in the 6# and 8# class.  Matt and Carl also enjoyed a staple shore lunch from Legends Outdoors consisting of fried fish and homemade macaroni salad on one of the days.  There was quite an array of wildlife and colorful foliage to be seen by the pair on their days also.  Plenty of laughs, stories, and good times were had by all and we would like to thank Matt and Carl for returning for another year with us and look forward to seeing them in 2024 for another set of Legends Outdoors adventures.