Saturday, June 3, 2023

Big Bait Trip 2023

Alex, Legends Outdoors faithful-enjoys throwing big baits such as swimbaits, glide baits, etc.  A traditional spring trip set up by he and his friend Joe was to throw nothing under the 4" minimum parameters.  This annual tradition continued for Alex as he and his father Scott set out for three days of fishing.  Scott was subject to using any sized bait as he was not held to the standard that Alex had set forth.  Day one was extremely windy with gusts that hit near 30 MPH from a southerly direction that limited the anglers in locations, but they made due and caught a few largemouth bass (one that exceeded the 4# mark), a common carp that ate a 5" Keitech Easy Shiner that weighed in at 9.21#, and several panfish.  Day two seen a chilly and overcast morning eventually turning into sunny and breezy for the father/son duo as they set out.  It didn't take long for the action to start as Scott got into a plump largemouth right out of the gates that weighed in at over 4#.  They proceeded to catch several more largemouth bass, a few smallmouth bass, two tiger musky, and a few panfish. Their day three was extremely calm and chilly in the morning as a cold rain had come in the evening before and this would be the clearing out day for that storm front.  The bite was fickle early on, but the anglers would figure it out as they had themselves a grand day of fishing by catching smallmouth bass (a couple that were over 4#), nice perch and rockbass to round out their trip.  Three awesome days of fishing and family fun for Alex and Scott and we look forward to seeing them back in 2024 for their annual adventure.