Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Tiger Trek 2023

Mark and his brother John went on their annual trek in search of tiger musky and a variety of other species.  Their two-day adventure seen mostly sunny skies for both days with a light breeze on day one with more of a steady breeze on day number two.  The tigers proved very elusive, but Mark did catch one on day one to break the ice.  These beautiful creatures are breath taking and savvy predators.  The duo fished about with a variety of baits for both days and had quite a trip as they compiled over 50 fish in two days including a 5.35# walleye, a 4.23# and 4.05# smallmouth and many other smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and a variety of panfish.  Plenty of great conversations about music, televison programs, hunting, fishing and a whole more were exchanged during the outing.  They had tasty hoagies and Farmers Iced Tea to keep up their strength as they pounded away for two days with a combination of hard baits and soft plastics.  An overall great trip for these avid anglers and we look forward to seeing them back again in 2024 for their next tiger trek.