Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Making the Most of It

Four friends of Eric, Lew, Mike and Mike are Legends Outdoors returning clients from ice-fishing in past years and open water on the pontoon boat on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  This year they returned for another ice-fishing adventure, but the lack of safe ice called for a shift in plans.  The group of four stayed at Gresham's and had a nice dinner their the evening before their outing.  This season they would tackle the Susquehanna River from the banks.  They arrived at their area and used a variety of baits including live bait and artificials.  They listened to music and had some refreshing beverages as they hammered away at the river.  They seen bald eagles soaring and had plenty of great conversations on this frigid day as they tried and tried to entice strikes from the cold water fish.  They rummaged up a pair of walleyes which both took their Keitech offerings and even had one grilled fresh for them by the Legends Outdoors staff.  All in all it was a fun day and a different experience for the group and we look forward seeing them back again in the near future for another Legends Outdoors adventure.