Friday, January 20, 2023

Winter Family Fun

Returning clients of Mike along with his sons Alexander and Nikolai were out for some January ice-fishing with Legends Outdoors.  A blue bird sky, temperatures in the low 30's, and light wind set the scene for this trio of anglers.  The out of state residents used mostly tip-ups and also did some jigging on this Pennsylvania waterway.  They had a good amount of action on the day and did plenty of running around as is well evident by Nikolai laying exhausted on the slick ice.  They had plenty of fun together while catching a good amount of perch, a few pickerel and enjoying a nice shore lunch of venison sausage and hot dogs.  They were also treated to a bald eagle soaring overhead for much of the day and then landing in a tree nearby to pose for a photo.  An overall great family day out!