Saturday, January 7, 2023

The Genesis of 2023

Typically the first Legends Outdoors outing of a new year is through the ice, but 2023 had an unseasonably warm spell at the onset leaving plenty of open water for some winter fishing from the boat.  Long time client Jim, who adores fishing cold water took the opportunity to get in some chilly water action.  The air temps were in the upper 40's for the day and actully reached the 50's while there were only light winds making this January day very comfortable.  The day started off slow without a strike for a while before Jim settled in and dialed in the pattern for these cold water fish.  He used a combination of hard baits and Keitech Baits to entice the strikes while capitilizing on the opportunuties en route to a solid day of five nice fall fish which are known as the "Tarpon of the Commonwealth" to many and four radiantly colored brown trout.  What a nice winter day it was to get out and do some fishing, have some snacks, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and start off 2023 on a postive note.