Monday, November 14, 2022

Rescheduled Rendezvous

Jim and Maria were scheduled for a trip of golfing and fishing at the Finger Lakes in September, but high winds and rains thwarted their vacation plans.  They rescheduled the fishing section of that trip and went to the Susquehanna River on a chilly October day.  Maria does not fish and just enjoys the day out on the boat while Jim fishes solo.  Jim gave the fish a strict diet of Keitech Baits in his approach on this fall day.  He had a tremendous amount of action as bite after bite occurred for the veteran angler.  Jim would compile 75 fish on the day with almost all being smallmouth bass.  He did catch a largemouth bass also that is not very common at the river, but was a part of his bountiful catch.  Jim and Maria enjoyed the sights and sounds of the river along with some sandwiches and great conversation.  We look forward to seeing Jim and Maria back in 2023 for another outdoor adventure with Legends Outdoors.