Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ladies' Choice

Legends Outdoors regulars of Durrell and Bev were back at it again on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Bev wanted to try for a striped bass.....and that they did as they set out with these intentions.  It didn't take long after the baits were set for a strike to occur and a battle ensued.  Bev went back and forth with the diamond of the lake and eventually landed it.  It posed for a photo before being released back into the depths of this scenic waterway.  The skies were blue and the day was warm as the couple continued to fish away.  They used a combo of live bait and Keitech Baits as they caught several more fish on the day consisting of smallmouth bass and yellow perch.  The perch were harvested for a future fried fish meal.  Bev and Durrell treated the guides to a lunch at the "Dock" during the trip as they have dock and dining accomodations.   The day was spectacular overall and we look forward to seeing them again on their next adventure with Legends Outdoors.