Friday, June 10, 2022

Heat Wave Hoopla

Jay and his family have been faithfully coming for a trip to Lake Wallenpaupack since 2014.  This year they returned for another adventure on a hot and sweltering day.  The goal was to start out with live bait for striped bass and then move on to casting Keitech Baits about.  The group of five were picked up at the dock where they were staying and they headed out on their mission.  The baits were set as the men waited with anticipation.  It didn't take all that long before the tell tale strike occurred and the battle was on!  Back and forth the battle went before the striped bass was netted and posed for a group photo.  With no more hookups from stripers, they went to casting about.  The action would be good for the group as there were plenty of bites on this spring day.  This was the first major heat wave as it reached into the 90's and the use of the canopy on the pontoon boat was critical to keep cool.  They enjoyed cold drinks and ham & cheese on potato rolls for their lunches as they fished about this legendary waterway.  They caught several smallmouth bass, pickerel, bluegill, perch, rockbass, and even a big channel catfish that took one of their offerings.  This annual trip was another highly successful one for Jay and his family and we look forward to seeing them back again next year for this annual trek.