Sunday, June 19, 2022

Carhartt and the Century Mark

 John and his brother Mark were back at it for a late spring trip as they travelled north for another adventure.  The avid hunters/fishermen got a good night's rest and headed out on an overcast morning with a south wind making for a bit of a chop on the water.  The goal set at the beginning of the day was to catch 100 fish between them.  They also were donning their typical Carhartt Garb as they didn't take long to get into the action as they used a mix of hard baits and soft plastics in their approach.  As the south winds subsided the skies cleared and the sun shone bright for a while before the clouds rolled back in as a thunder storm was projected for mid afternoon.  The anglers stayed at it for a full day catching smallmouth bass, rockbass, perch, a pumpkinseed, and even a rainbow trout as they hit the century mark and called it a day.  They enjoyed the comfortable temperatures, the crystal clear water, tasty hoagies, and great conversation as this duo had an awesome all around day!