Sunday, November 14, 2021

Spiderman Mike and Tink go Crankinstein

Spiderman Mike and his friend Tink are Legends Outdoors regular clients who come out with us about three or four times per year.  The two men are avid hunters and fishermen and have plenty to talk about when they get on board for the day.  They were greeted at Lake Wallenpaupack with very low water conditions and a brisk morning.  There was very little wind and blue skies overhead for their October adventure.  Typically when they go out with Legends Outdoors they are giving the fish a steady diet of Keitech Baits, but not today as they would be doing some fall crankbaiting for their quarry. They fished about the lake being very mobile and moving around covering a lot of water.  They would catch smallmouth bass and largemouth bass on this day and some good quality too.  They enjoyed the fall foliage, fresh air, talking about concerts, and some hearty snacks as they had an all around great day on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.