Friday, November 26, 2021

Mike and Jay on a Brisk Fall Day

Jay and his father Mike took an early November trip on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The two are no strangers to Legends Outdoors as they come out with us several times per year.  This day is was brutally cold with near freezing air temperatures at the start of their day.  There would be a breeze that accompanied the cold temps which made having proper gear all that more important.  These two guys are avid hunters also and spend quite a bit of time outdoors so they are used to the frigid weather.  Mike actually already got a nice dear this fall prior to this trip.  The water was in the low 50's as the duo sprayed the waterway with hardbaits.  Jay had the hot hand early while after the fried panfish shore lunch, Mike would have the hot hand.  This was a day of quality for sure as they caught quite a few big smallmouth and largemouth bass as seen below.  They fought very good in the cool water and the colors were just pristine on these hefty fish.  All the bass were released back into the scenic lake.  The men were also treated to some really cool wildlife views as they seen bald eagles and a buck walk down to the water near some doe and drink water.  This would be the last day out for Jay and Mike for the 2021 open water season and we were glad to have them on board for many trips this year yet again and look forward to seeing them back in 2022.