Sunday, September 12, 2021

Behemoth Bronzeback Bonanza

Mark along with his family of Cassie, Julia, Donny, Nathan and Joanne took a summer fishing trip out on Lake Wallenpaupack with Legends Outdoors.  The returning client and his family climbed aboard the pontoon boat with high hopes, but they would have no idea they were about the set a new mark for a Legends Outdoors fish caught.  They started out for a while with live bait in search of a striper or another giant of the deep without success, but they were not deterred in the slightest.  They would then switch tactics and roll shallower with topwater and Keitech Baits.  The topwater would produce a few nice smallmouth while the Keitech Baits would do the majority of the damage.  Mark would hook into a giant smallmouth on the Keitech as it would pull drag and try aerial assaults.  He would battle the big bronzeback and carefully work it towards the net.  He would land a 21.5" 5# 2oz. behemoth that would set a new benchmark for Lake Wallenpaupack and smallmouth bass as it was the biggest ever caught to date with our guide service.  It didn't stop there as the group caught good numbers of fish including several other really nice smallmouth bass and a really long pickerel that was 28.25" in length!  It was a perfect storm type of day almost literally  as it was right before Hurricane Fred was prepping to arrive in our area.  The family enjoyed nice cold beverages and snacks as they joked, laughed and fished about the lightly wind swept lake.  A fun time was had by all and we were glad to see Mark back again along with his family and we look forward to their return for another Legends Outdoors adventure.