Sunday, September 5, 2021

Do Fish Read?

Many an article will state how much northern smallmouth bass feed on/are more active on sunny days.  Do these fish read these articles is the question at hand.  Legends Outdoors regulars in Tony and Danny would put that theory to the test on an August outing on scenic Lake Wallenpaupack.  The mission starting out on this hot summer day was to go for stripers early on and move on from there.  The stripers would have no part of their offerings, so the Legends Outdoors faithful went on to plan "B" and went for smallmouth bass.  It didn't take long for this father and son duo to get into them and several hefty ones would be battling on the ends of their lines.  It wouldn't be a day of big numbers, but the size was good as they used live bait and Keitech Baits to catch these beautiful bronzebacks.  These avid sportsmen had plenty of good conversations about many topics and Tony brought along his traditional pizza that he gets from location unknown, but it is top notch indeed.  All of the fish were released that were landed on this day and it makes you wonder with all the nice smallmouth bass caught in these conditions....did the smallmouths follow the script of the books and magazines as written?